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Advice & Answers from Our Team - Lazzybeauty

Advice and answers from our team

We are available in 110/120V 60Hz and 220/240V 50Hz models. The 220/240V models are available in two power plug configurations:

• EU type CEE 7/16 2 pin type. This version is compatible with all of Europe, Africa, and South American countries that use 220/240-volt appliances.

• UK type BS 1363 3 Pin type. This version is compatible only in the United Kingdom and some parts of India.

• We also have an adaptor for Australia, New Zealand & Asia that will fit the EU type plug. It is similar to the AS/NZS 3112 type plug.

Add an order note to your cart, or reach out to us directly if you have any questions about choosing the appropriate power model.

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Yes, you can buy the electrodes replacement from us, the diameter of the electrode metal head is 11mm or 11.5mm.
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No, The high-frequency facial device is an important beauty instrument. A high-frequency current is produced in the glass probe and when applied to the face, produces an oxygen pocket that has an antibacterial effect. This effect eliminates viruses and bacteria.

1. It helps to calm the nerves and has an analgesic function.

2. It produces the ozone for sterilization, can help to heal wounds and to restrain pores.

3. Accelerates blood circulation and improve metabolism.

4. This device has 2 anti-aging applications, the anti-wrinkle application, and the skin-tightening application.

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No, it can not remove cellulite, but can helps to tight your skin.
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Please do not hold on to one part of the face for over 10 seconds.
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Yes, you can use this machine on these areas:

high frequency facial machine treatment areas

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