Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Face Lift - Salon Effects

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Skin Care Beauty Device
The facial machine converts electrical energy into heat energy, and deep into the dermis to increase the temperature, accelerate the blood circulation of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, to shrink and tighten the skin collagen, stimulate sand to reshape the collagen to achieve multiple cosmetic effect.95% ladies are satisfied with skin improvement on the face and body.

Skin Care Beauty Device
What is Galvanic Technology?
Galvanic technology is a microcurrent that works to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the areas it is applied. Microcurrent originated as a spa treatment for facial contouring, toning, and firming of aging skin, now available from the comfort of your own home.

Applicable Ranges:
1.wrinkle removal

2.anti-aging tightening

4.Light spot rejuvenation and whitening

Do A Whole Body Beauty at Home:
Facial skin care beauty machine has a facial probe and a body probe, which makes you enjoy full body beauty. Only need 10 minutes, you can enjoy the same beauty effect as a beauty salon.

When does Will see The Result?
Generally twice a week,10-30 minutes every treatment. After 6-10 weeks, you can see visible skin improvement.87% of customers have seen visible skin improvement in just 2 weeks,13% of customers have seen visible result in 7 weeks.

How To Use?
TUMAKOU facial skin care beauty device is easy to use. First, install the face probe/body probe and clean the probe with a cloth containing alcohol. Second, connect the handle cord and the energy cord. Then smear cooling gel in the treatment area. Finally, choose a suitable energy level and the treatment time to start.

3 Energy Levels:
This skin tightening machine has 3 energy levels. You can according to your demand to choose a suitable energy level. And there’s an adjustable time button when you choose the treatment time, the time will be displayed on the screen, which is very convenient.

The facial machine package does not include the cooling gel. The skin is too dry, use the cooling gel with our facial machine that the result will be better.
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