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Using Metherapy instruments (mesotherapy guns, micro-needle rollers, needle-free mesotherapy instruments, etc.) break through the skin absorption barrier, and introduce beauty active ingredients into the subcutaneous tissues according to the needs of care, quickly absorbed by the skin tissue, and play a role, thereby Produce curative effect.

It can achieve quantitative drug delivery, targeted drug delivery, and fixed-point drug delivery to quickly and accurately deliver to the subcutaneous area to be improved, maximize the cosmetic effect of active ingredients, comparable to the cosmetic effect of plastic surgery, is the traditional beauty industry a major breakthrough.

According to the different instruments and tools used, the industry divides mesotherapy into micro-needle mesotherapy (the auxiliary instrument is a mesotherapy gun or a microneedle roller) and needle-free mesotherapy (the auxiliary instrument is a needle-free mesotherapy instrument, also called electrophoresis). The energy meter, needle-free penetration instrument).

The effect is more ideal, the effect of needle plastic is more ideal, and the effect speed is relatively faster.