Vacuum Suction Detox Scraping Thermal Magnetic Wave Therapy Machine

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Vacuum gravitation
1. Aerobic exercise of upward sucking to the skin and fat tissue.
2. Increase lymph detoxing function and blood circulation situation.
3. Get rid of toxins by lymph circulation. Scraping therapy effect.

Thermal energy
1. By heat effect, dermis collagen increases.
2. Continual heat energy makes a relax nerve and releases pressure.

Magnetic wave physical therapy
1. It promotes inflammation fading remove inflammation swelling and pain.
2. It removes fatigue and promotes body recovery.

How to operate
1. This device can be used the whole body but should be used in the same direction, don’t use it up and down, right and left.
2. During pregnancy and menstrual period, you shouldn’t use it.
3. If there are varicose veins phenomenon in the body, please don’t use this unit.
4. Only when you have a rest for 30~45 minutes after using then you can take a bath.
5. The machine’s default working time is 30 minutes, it will automatically stop working after 30minutes. The machine can continue to use after stopping working for 20 minutes. It can effectively lengthen the machine lifetime.

Install filter cotton
1. Before using the device, it is necessary for you to put filter cotton into a filter plug, then put the filter plug into the hole. This can effectively prevent the essential oil from entering the device.
2. You should replace filter cotton after each use. The filter cotton is reusable after clean and dry out.
3. It is recommended that you should evenly smear essential oil on your back to avoid skin become painful.

How to use
1. Plug-in power adapter
2. Power key flash red light, it shows blue light after pressing, you can adjust “heat energyâ€?and “vacuum gravitationâ€?with client’s demand.
3. Press heat energy key, the temperature has 5 levels, the temperature is higher when the level is higher.
4. Press vacuum gravitation key, vacuum gravitation has 5 levels, vacuum gravitation is higher when the level is higher.
5. After using the machine, press the middle power key, then plug out the power supply, clean the machine and put it in a dry place.

Package Content:
1 x Scraping Massage Tool
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Tweezers
1 Bag x Filter Cotton
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