Laser Lipo VS Cavitation


There exist a lot of posts, pictures, and even videos on the internet that tend to provide an insight into varying available beauty machines. This may include but is not limited to the lipo laser, the cavitation machine, etc. Some of us might know about these machines as slimming machines. The question is how we can differentiate between the available beauty machines. Are these the same and the only difference is the cost or there are some other benefits that better differentiate one machine from the other. How we can choose among the available beauty machines i.e., being the fittest slimming machine?


What do They Have in Common?

Both of the machines i.e., Laser lipo and Cavitation machine have the following commonalities.

  • The fat cells are being burnt instantly through any of the said machines
  • The tissues which are surrounding the fat are left unharmed
  • The said machines are safe to use i.e., 100% and non-invasive
  • The patients feel no pain or discomfort due to these machines
  • The slimming of the excessive fatty area takes place
  • The areas where these machines can be used may include the stomach, arms, legs, and more.


The Different Working Principle

The normal blasting machines are found to make use of sound waves at a normal frequency of 4000Hz. This frequency is so emitted that the strong sound waves are being used for the said purpose. The human fact cells are found to have a strong effect on the said waves once they tend to enter the body of human beings. The main concern is to somehow burn the fat cells. The heat is consumed due to the friction of the prevailing fat cells. The working agenda includes the usage of the water of the fat cells and ultimately shrinking them. The collision and cracking of the fat cells take place due to the vibration from the sound waves. This is how the fat cells are being removed to remove the overall far from the said part ultimately.

It can be said that

  • The strong sound wave head tends to emit the frequency of 40000HZ i.e., the use of sound waves by the fat burning machines.
  • The laser is being used by most fat-burning machines.


Differences in where fat goes

  • Between the cells, the strong cracks will take place based on the use of sonic vibration i.e., under the head of the fat-blasting machine. This is how the bursting of the cells will take place instantly to reduce the fat cells ultimately. The agenda of removing the fat does not need excretion.
  • The fat dissolving, based on the use of the fat-dissolving machine, makes the usage of the laser along with the use of a small drainage tube so may the liquid fat can better be exported. This way the excessive fat will be drained out of the body.


Different Results

  • The fat removal may lead to the flat body
  • The unevenness to the body parts i.e., from where the fat has been removed is one of the common outcomes after the removal of fat through the use of beauty machines.


Different Treatment Sessions

The treatment sessions may vary based on the quantity of the fat. The normal time for the ultrasonic usually takes between 30-minutes to 1 hour. This has been claimed by many practitioners that only one session will be enough to remove the excessive fat, but this is not true every time. It is the harsh truth that mostly 8 to 12 sessions will be enough to achieve the desired outcomes. At some of the places, it has been recorded as 4-8 sessions. Numerous factors are helpful to determine the number of sessions for the said treatment. This may include but is not limited to the age, weight, tissue structure as well as metabolism, and the response of the body to the underlying treatment through the usage of specified beauty slimming machines.

The effects of ultrasonic cavitation are found to be temporary, so it is being cleared by FDA for circumferential reduction. Many people are worried about having treatment through the use of any of the underlying machines as they want to have instant results for the said treatment. The time to last the treatment is of great concern for the patients who seek for having treatment for fat like this. The success of the treatment does not mean that you are allowed to eat anything, especially junk/fast food. It is recommended not to eat spicy and fast food.


In terms of caveats

The weight loss through the usage of laser machines is found to be effective and instant. This method is not found to be convenient and suitable for everyone. Some of the categories may include diabetic patients, people with high blood pressure, or those who have heart diseases. These categories are prohibited to go for laser lipolysis. The agenda of the fat burning approach needs to have great attention so many people can be saved from any harm or the side-effects of any of the said approaches for fat burning. It is suggested to eat vegetables and fresh food so may the harms of fat removal can be minimized or reduced.


Different Machine Price

The price range for the Cavitation machine is between $2,000 to $4,000 while for the laser liposuction, the said price may range from $2,500 to $5,500.


Different Treatment Areas

The ultrasonic cavitation is being performed on different body parts i.e., face, hips, stomach, neck, thigh areas as well as upper arms, etc. lipo laser is better used for the area which cannot be reduced through diet.


Are There Any Side Effects? What are the Differences?

  • mild aches with pains
  • headaches
  • irritated/tender skin
  • higher body temperature



The results will vary from person to person.


Final Conclusion

The results of using different machines for fat reduction may vary from person to person. The fat reduction can take place from minutes to hours, but several sessions will be needed to reduce the fat instead of one session.