Lipo Cavitation Vs Coolsculpting

We live in an era, where knowing about something is not tough at all. The Internet has given access to the digital library. It is a whole world where you can find everything related to anything. You might have come across the words lipo cavitation and Coolsculpting while scrolling down the internet. However, these processes can also be done with the help of machines. In this post, we will be looking at some of the features of both ultrasonic cavitation and ultrasonic cool sculpting machine, and see what are the main similarities and differences in both machines and working principles.


What Are the Main Similarities?

Both machines are used to reduce the fat in the parts of the body where dieting and exercise do not work. Lipo cavitation machines and cool sculpting machines are highly effective to reduce the fat of the body. The barometer of reduction may differ on the type of skin and body but they are effective according to experts. Both procedures target the fat cells underneath the skin layer using low-frequency ultrasound waves.


The Different Working Principle

Almost all the fat reduction machines set the frequency of ultrasound waves between 40 kHz to 5 MHz without causing any damage to other organs and parts of the body. The purpose of the procedure is to burn the extra fat in the body.

The Lipo cavitation machine uses the frequency of 40 kHz most of the time. The sound waves have a direct impact on the membranes of fat cells causing them to melt. During the treatment, the light buzzing of ultrasound is audible. However, the patient feels minimal discomfort because of the warmth over the skin.

However, the cool sculpting machine uses the paddle to target the fat cells and membranes to destroy them without harming other parts of the body.


The difference in Fat Reduction

The lip cavitation machine works to reduce the fat by liquefying the deposits of fats that are then secreted through body wastes. This machine also works to stimulate tissues and collagen regeneration so that the appearance of cellulite can be reduced along with stretch marks. This also helps in the contouring of the body.

However, the cryolipolysis device cools down the fats of the targeted area at a specific temperature. The device holds the parts of the body between two paddles. The paddles cool down quickly and the doctors leave the paddles for thirty-five minutes to one hour. During this process about 20% to 25% of fat cells. Fat cells that are being destroyed by this process become a waste product and are then processed by the lymphatic system, and eliminated from the body permanently.


Difference in Results

After lipo cavitation, redness and bruises might appear on the skin in the first few hours. Some patients get deep blue bruises but that is not permanent rather fade away after a few hours.

After cool sculpting, some people feel mild or moderate pain in the targeted area. The skin looks all smooth after the procedure but that varies from person to person.


Different Treatment Sessions

The process of lipo cavitation is customized according to the needs of an individual’s body. However, for a normal person, the standard procedure completes in one to three sessions with a gap of two weeks between every session. Each session of lipo cavitation is about forty-five to seventy-five minutes.

For cool sculpting, multiple sessions are needed depending upon the area of the treatment. However, on a standard level, about two to three sessions are needed to achieve the target. There should be a gap of at least one week in between the sessions.


The difference in Terms of Limitations

In Lipo Cavitation, there are no limitations when it comes to skin types. It can be performed on any skin. Nevertheless, if there are any wounds or sores in the area of treatment, the doctor might delay the process until the wound is completely healed. This method of fat reduction is effective in collaboration with a healthy diet. This method is not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise.

Coolsculpting is also effective for fat reduction. But the point to consider is that this is for fat loss, not weight loss. If one intends to lose weight, he or she should stick to a healthy diet and exercise. However, this process is less effective for people who have high fat and are obese above the normal limit.


The difference in Terms of Price

The prices are almost the same. There is not much difference. The price of both machines is between $35k to $40k. However, if we talk about the price of treatment, lip cavitation costs between $250 to $300 per session. On the other hand, the price per session of cool sculpting is $2000 to $4000.


Different Treatment Areas

Lipo cavitation works best in the areas with localized fat. These areas are the flanks thighs, hips, upper arms, and abdomen.

Coolsculpting is suitable for flanks, both inner and outer thighs, abdomen, the fat underneath the buttocks, bra fat, back fat, upper arms, and area below the jawline.


Are there any Side effects?

Some of the common side effects of cool sculpting include pain or aching in the area of treatment. Exposure to extremely cool temperatures may introduce temporary irritation. Another uncommon but major side effect of cool sculpting is paradoxical adipose hyperplasia which is the growth of fat cells in the targeted area instead of reduction.

However, there are not any side effects of Lipo cavitation. The person may have mild blisters that go away in a short time.



Lipo cavitation is quite effective in reducing fat-causing any potential to any other organ. However, the results are not visible immediately after the process. It takes almost 6 to 12 weeks to witness the actual result of the procedure. However, this process does not destroy the fat cells but rather emptied them which means cells are capable of storing fat again. Therefore, a balanced diet is required to not gain fat again.

Coolsculpting is also very effective. However, it takes two to three months to see the results. The per-session helps to destroy about 20 to 25% of fat cells.