40K VS 80K Cavitation

Not all cavitation is created equal. When buying a cavitation machine, you may wonder, "Which sort of cavitation is better?" 40k or 80k? What exactly do these figures mean? You are not alone, so don't feel bad. These figures represent how fast the machine runs in cycles per second.


However, a more significant number does not imply superiority. Many believe an 80k computer is superior, yet the statistics do not apply to competing services. Some people's bodies will respond to the 40k better than the 80k. Others like the 80k since the sound waves in the inner ear are not as loud. Both methods provide enough ultrasonic energy to cause your fat cells to rupture while causing no harm to your body.



Both 40K and 80K cavitation are:

  • The therapy lasts roughly 15 to 30 minutes and can be repeated every two weeks.
  • These cavitation devices both emit sound waves every 0.5 milliseconds.
  • A wavelength of 650 nm produces the highest laser power.
  • 450W maximum output power
  • The number of 50mW diodes available is 6 9 + 2 3 = 60.
  • Appropriate for all skin types and colors!
  • A half-hour timer of 1 Hz 1000 Hz is the best possible outcome.


Differences In The Procedure

Based on cavitational energy, acoustic cavitation Hz, cavitational pulsing, cavitational relative intensities, cavitational bubble counts each pulse/second/area, and cavitational stress, the following equation is proposed:

  • Cavitation is more significant at 40k than 80k: The cavitational bubbles created by the 40 kHz cavitation device have a cavitational force of 220 kPa, which is more than the cavitational maximum pressure kPa released by the 35 kHz cavitation machine.
  • The cavitations generated by 40k are more potent: One disadvantage of cavitational frequencies below 80 kHz is that cavitational pressures can occasionally break cavitational bubbles, resulting in cavitation within the cavitations.
  • The cavitations from 40k are more efficient: Because cavitational powers from the 40 kHz frequency are more significant and there is a greater cavitation bubble count per cavitation, cavitational forces from 40 kHz are much more effective, and cavitations only last around 0.1 milliseconds.


Cavitation bubbles among cavitations have been speculated to inflict the most damage because they can collide with one another, creating cavitation bubbles and blast waves that can result in cavitation rupture.

  • Scar tissue is more effectively treated with 40k cavitations: The cavitational pressures (220 kPa) of 40 kHz cavitations are more significant than other cavitational pressure ranges below 80 kHz, except for 200 - 520 kPa for 30 - 50 kHz cavitation.
  • 80k cavitations are more effective in removing scar tissue: Cavitational pressures range from 200 - 520 kPa at cavitational frequencies of 30 - 50 kHz, with a cavitational bubble count of 5 - 20 cavities per pulse/second/area, which is higher than cavitational bubbles at 40 kHz. Cavitational pressures at cavitational frequencies of 30 - 50 kHz, on the other hand, are strong enough to shatter cavitational bubbles within cavitations, resulting in cavitation pressure shock waves.


Fat Destiny In Both Procedures

Following these two steps, the fat is transported to its final destination.

  • 40K Cavitation: Improve and cure orange peel-like fatty tissues at various severity levels.
  • 80K powerful fat burning, more than 100,000 ultrasonic input per minute, quick vibration of fatty tissue, easy and fast compared to traditional manipulation, no skin harm, no cell damage



These two cavitations produced the following results:

  • Once the fat cell membrane is dissolved in 40K, the fat is converted to protein and subsequently to free fatty acids, which are transferred to the liver and degrade before being eliminated from the body.
  • To remove extra fat, the 80k cavitation machine employs a fat blast. An ultrasonic probe measures mutual vibration and friction between adipocytes at frequencies up to 80000 Hz. This, of course, generates heat and causes fat cells to rupture.

Treatment Sessions

Because the technique is tailored to each individual's needs, it may take longer for some than others. However, depending on the therapy, the typical treatment should be finished in one to three sessions, with two weeks between sessions. Each session lasts around 45 to 75 minutes. Ultrasonic cavitation produces results in roughly 6 to 12 weeks.


In terms of caveats

Individuals with stable Body Mass Index levels and women with abdominal obesity are candidates for ultrasonic cavitation therapy. The following people should not have the procedure:

  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • Individuals with skinfolds less than 2 cm
  • Infection or inflammation in the area where the surgery is to be performed
  • People who have a history of cancer
  • Individuals who have a cardiac pacemaker or other metal implants
  • Individuals suffering from coagulation issues or receiving blood clotting medications
  • Individuals suffering from significant medical diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis


In general, 40K cavitation is significantly less costly than standard liposuction. The cost varies depending on the region being treated and whether you require further sessions, but the average is roughly $250-$350 for each treatment.


In general, ultrasonic cavitation is less costly than conventional liposuction. The cost varies depending on the region being treated and whether you require further treatment sessions, but the average is roughly $750. Shop for 80k cavitation machines at a low cost online or on your mobile device.

Treatment areas

40K cavitation reshapes the body by firming the arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, waist, back, and abdominal muscles. Improve and cure orange peel-like fatty tissues of varying severity degrees. With relaxing, decompression, and pain alleviation benefits (such as joint pain and sciatica), stimulate skin tissue's regular mechanical aerobic activity, quickly reduce tension, and erase weariness.


Firm, lift, compress the skin, and sculpt the face. Circulate and stimulate cells, increase metabolism, and acquire 100% more collagen and elastic fibers for better face and body skin.


The following issues are solved with 80K cavitation:

  • Full-body fat loss, body contouring, and body shaping (Stomach, Love Handles, Back, Legs, and Arms)
  • It promotes tissue metabolism and blood circulation and is suited for all skin types.
  • Face Lifting, Wrinkle Removal, and Skin Tightening Around the Eyes
  • Improve orange peel organization and skin suppleness.
  • Tightening of the belly skin and repair of stretch marks
  • Anti-aging treatment for the face and body. Rejuvenation of the Face
  • Increase the rate of metabolism and the body's ability to eliminate waste and extra fat.
  • Muscle relaxation and pain relief
  • Tighten the muscles in your arms, legs, thighs, buttocks, lower back, and abdominals to reshape your body contour.

Side Effects

Although adverse effects of 40K are uncommon, research indicates that the following may occur:

  • Because toxins are being moved around the body, some clients may experience nausea during the first phases of therapy.
  • Transient skin redness Increased thirst
  • A minor headache
  • Appetite suppression


Compared to surgical liposuction, the recognized adverse effects of 80KCavitation are negligible. Most patients find the therapy painless and do not require recuperation time. Short-term skin irritation, moderate bruising, fluid build-up, or blisters may occur where the transducer was utilized.



Long can cavity of 40kHz or 80kHz. This is useful because, due to noise levels, some clients prefer 80k over 40k. Having distinct handles for each method allows you to adjust them based on the client's needs. Other machines of the same sort are frequently available, and if you don't like the sound beyond 80k or 40k, your clientele may be limited.



The fundamental explanation for the various inner ear noises is that they work at double the speed of each other. The 40k cavity operates at a rate of 40,000 cycles per second. In other words, in that rhythm, sound waves digest fat cells. This implies you're getting twice as much ultrasound as 80k, or four times as much.


However, fat varies by individual, and some fat cells may break at 40k but not at 80k. It all relies on your body's constitution. Long is intended to satisfy the demands of each patient and obtain the best possible results. Your anesthesiologist can assist you in determining the optimum mix of treatments for your body shape.