Cavitation VS Radio Frequency


Are you worried about losing your fat instantly but don’t know where to go and what to do then just don’t worry as we are here to serve at our best? Similar solutions with similar kinds of costs are indeed hard to make choices between them. This needs to have the proper knowledge about the difference between the underlying options so may the best can better be selected. Just approach us and we will resolve all of your concerns in this regard.


What do They Have in Common?

  • The fat cells are burnt instantly
  • The surrounding tissues are left unharmed
  • These machines are 100% safe to use and non-invasive
  • The patients feel no pain
  • Excessive fatty materials are removed effectively

The Different Working Principle

When I've been working in the skin leaser clinic as a skin specialist, we tried to have various ways for the Transformation of skin treatment in the market. Despite this, we observed that most of the patients suffer from sun-damaged or Rosacea (broken capillaries). To be one of the most experienced laser technicians we all were doing microdermabrasion on mothers to observe the couple of dark flaws that they had on their faces. After having treatment for Rosacea only a few dark spots were left on her face. After having the treatment for three days the mother of the client observed the change on her face that how rosacea helped her to get bettering her cheeks. After observing the results, we discussed with our doctors that we need to do some more procedures for testing them. This is significant in ordinary areas, but in times of skin diseases becomes, to my mind, dominant. Early in my career, I was trained as a technician of skin laser treatment, that is positive effects, and then look for why that situation developed and how to fix it!  Too often this turned into a hunt for someone to hang.


Differences in where fat goes

The fat is ultimately converted to a removable substance and this needs to be eliminated from the body. The radio frequency or the waves are better helpful to attain the desired outcomes, but proper care is needed in this regard.


Different Results

The fat reduction treatment makes your skin silky and smooth to touch. It nourishes the texture of your skin and makes it feel softer as it is slimmer now. After all, it involves the elimination of cells of old skin. Fat reduction with poppyseeds, pumice, oatmeal, and caffeine can help in combating the signs of aging. It gives you a more youthful appearance. With daily exfoliation, you can feel the lines on your face disappearing with time. You can use our handmade soaps for exfoliating because they consist of all the materials which are necessary for the process.

With the use of a slimming machine, your face unclogs and cleans your pores at the time of treatment. In turn, it prevents pimples from appearing on your face. It is because clogging traps oil under the surface of your skin. It leads to the breakouts of acne. Sometimes, the use of the wrong product for exfoliating can backfire as well. With our artisanal soaps, you don't have to worry about that. After all, we make them cleanse your skin. Since dead skin cells are eliminated by exfoliation along with extra makeup and dirt, it makes the tone of your skin brighter. Moreover, you get an even tone. And you can feel your face practically glowing. Once you get your skin treated for fat reduction, it removes all dead cells. Since it cleans your skin of all the dirt particles, your other skincare products can work more effectively.


Different Treatment Sessions

You cannot use it by yourself at home anywhere and anytime, and with regular use depending on your skin sensitivity soon, you will have clear skin means fat-free skin after you approach a specialist. Another interesting product for your skin treatment is the fat-reducing beauty Roller with a beauty slimming approach. It deals with your fat problems and promotes the lymphatic drainage of your skin. A very glowy and sculpted look has been created by the use of this massager. It can be used easily before having makeup on your face so that it gives you a relaxing feel and an attractive look as well. Masks are also considered healthy things for skin treatments. In just 90 seconds, all the benefits of a regular face mask can be taken with this "smart mask technology". You can have customized treatments as this product uses an app to sync up with your face. To get started, you just need to pop the mask onto your face, and at the back, a bar code is placed just scan it, and treatment gets started. These beauty tools can benefit your skin thoroughly, and you can have the most amazing and healthy skin looks. The treatment sessions may prolong by 4-12 times.


In terms of caveats

No specified differences but the effective removal of the fat.


Different Machine Price

Economic and similar almost


Different Treatment Areas

  • stomach,
  • thighs,
  • hips,
  • back, chin,
  • arms etc.

Are There Any Side Effects? What are the Differences?

No harm to the body except the fact that the body temperature may change. The unevenness of the skin can even be treated through proper care while carrying out the treatment for the first time i.e., for fat reduction.



Try at your own choice and risk


Final Conclusion

We intend to serve you at the best of our services so you can easily rely on us.