Ultrasonic Cavitation VS Laser Lipo


Our skin has aged as we have. After a certain age, our skin starts getting loose and dull it looks. This is sometimes an age factor, but it can be maintained well if you properly take care of your skin from internal and external factors. The best years of yours and your skin also are the thirties time. Your looks start getting changed after the age of thirty. Sometimes this change is good, and sometimes this change is not good as your skin starts to become dull and loose. Your charming beauty may get caught by wrinkles. Your beautiful eyes can be followed by lines around them, and there would be a comeback of acne that you may have once in your teenage time. Your skin becomes saggy, and there sometimes brown spots begin to show on your face. You must keep yourself looking great even at the age of thirty, and for this here we are recommending you some tips that can help you in getting good results in having beautiful skin at 30 also. Mostly at the age of thirty-one must have inactive working jobs like keep on sitting all day. It will make you inactive hence, your skin becomes tired and sluggish too. You must continue the walk routine in your 30s too as you can keep yourself and your skin fit.


What do They Have in Common?

  • Instant burning of the fat cells
  • Unharmed tissues which are surrounding the fat cells
  • 100% safety while using the said machines
  • No pain or discomfort is being felt by the patients
  • Excessive fatty areas will have the fat reduced.
  • The underlying machines can be used for different body parts.


The Different Working Principle

From the laser therapy, cosmetic benefits also appear that happen because of thermal injury ad host reparative response that using bury and slough mechanism to remove pigment. Argon laser and tunable laser are going to be used for removing the fat through the selective absorption of laser which is being suggested by the differences related to the pigment being used for such slimming machines.

The fat removal methods have many flaws are related to pigment removal, the repeated procedure needs, unsatisfactory cosmetic results, excessive postoperative pain, and the inability to control the depth of destruction. The argon lasers are successfully used to remove the fat i.e., by using the laser. For photocoagulation of port wine stain, the argon laser is effectively used. The emission lines of lower power are used to absorb the hemoglobin but the injury of tissues is moved to blood vessels and other linked issues. Highly damage-specific skin localization by microvasculature can be obtained with the pulsed organic dye laser operation at 577nm. Ether anesthesia followed the back of 3 albino guinea pigs were prepared sharpen and epilated with hot wax. After twenty-four hours, anesthetize is given to animals with ketamine. A standard fat-removing reciprocating needle is used by a professional artist to remove the fat from different parts of the body.

After one month of fat reduction, the pigment is injected, and each individual is treated with a different scheme. The argon laser emits radiation of both 514 and 488 nm at the same time and also focuses on the 1mm diameter spot. The tunable dye lasers are used at a wavelength of 3 with coumarone 504 to 505 nm. Rhoda mine 575 for 577 nm and oxazine 720 from 690 nm. The dye lasers are focused at 505 and 577 nm with plan convex lenses. The treated and untreated fat areas include the same specimen and the manner of tissue that biopsies the treatment of fat. With the tunable dye laser, the one dose appeared histologically to be subthreshold. Expect few treatments, the histological changes immediately observed related to all laser treatments. The treatment of fat is very much complicated, and many issues are also faced after removing the fat. Uneven appearance is the main problem in this regard and many experiences also show that no other side effects appear with the strong laser treatment. The laser used on the skin with specific limitations and its size should be according to the requirement.


Differences in where fat goes

The ultrasonic waves tend to covert the excessive fat to the fatty acids which are further eliminated under the head of ultrasonic cavitation. For laser lipo, the fat cells will burst and will remove the fat ultimately.


Different Results

  • Unevenness on the surface of the body or the slimmed body parts
  • Undesired outcomes with some side effects


Different Treatment Sessions

The required sessions may range from 4-12 sessions.


In terms of caveats

Laser lipo is more effective than ultrasonic cavitation due to the approach being used.


Different Machine Price

Varying price ranges for different models of the said machines. The price for the given machines is almost similar and affordable.


Different Treatment Areas

  • face,
  • hips,
  • stomach,
  • neck,
  • thigh areas
  • upper arms


Are There Any Side Effects? What are the Differences?

Allergic body parts from where the fat has been reduced. Some of the side effects may relate to have

  • the pink or red patches on the skin
  • tendered or rough skin
  • headache
  • high blood temperature
  • mild pain



The selection of the fat-reducing machine will be based on the budget and the details given by the client who intends to reduce the fat. The client is needed to first share the medical history and information related to other body conditions so may that an effective outcome can be obtained.


Final Conclusion

Under the agenda of CoolSculpting, little to no time is taken for the recovery after treatment of fat reduction. You will start looking more beautiful after 2 to 3 months of the said phenomenon has passed. The fat cells will start burning just after the process has been initiated and completed but with a little delay in the days. As per the body temperature and medical history, the result of the fat reduction will vary for everyone.