Facial Care - 140 Pins Micro Needle Adjustable Derma Stamp

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  1. Made with Stainless Steel - painless adjustable 140 derma stamp is made with professional quality stainless steel, has the best quality craftsmanship.
  2. Adjustable 140 Pins - Easy to use professional skin care tool for skin regeneration, stretch mark removal, anti-aging, repair acne scarring, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, hair loss, etc.
  3. Clear Instruction Leaflet Included - The instruction will show you how often and how to use the derma stamp to get the best results.
  4. Safe and Portable - Packaging protects the Derma Stamp better, you can safely carry the derma stamp anywhere.
  5. Warm Tip - Only for personal use, don't share with others in order to avoid infection.

Adjustable 140 Pins Derma Stamp

It is a toning device that can adjust the pin length, and thereby to adjust the depth
used in the procedure, which is more safe and painless than derma roller. You
will get more value for your money with this derma stamp because you can solve
different skin problems with a derma stamp. You needn't buy
other size derma stamp or derma roller anymore.

The Derma Stamp Can Be Used for Significant Improvement for The Following Skin Conditions:

Stretch marks

  • Acne and small injury scars
  • Wrinkles and anti-aging
  • Age spots & sun damage
  • Hair loss
  • Hyperpigmentation

How to Choose the Best Derma Stamp Needle Size?

  • The 2.5mm/3.0mm-size needles can remove wrinkles, body extension scars, and Stretch marks.
  • The 2.0mm-size needles can remove small injury scars, wrinkles around the eyes, and acne scars.
  • The 1.00mm/1.5mm-size needles can remove wrinkles and pigmentation on the skin.
  • The 0.5mm/0.75mm-size needles can help build beautiful & smooth skin, and prevent hair loss.
  • The 0.2mm/0.25mm/0.3mm-size needles are perfect for cosmetics application.

The Clear Instruction Leaflet Include.

The Instruction will show you:
How often to use the derma stamp?
What should you do before you use the derma stamp?
How to use the derma stamp?
So you needn't worry about how to use the derma stamp as a first time user
, and what should notice about before or during your treatment.
Notice: Please read our procedure manual carefully before using it.

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