Argon Gas - 2 in 1 High Frequency Facial Skin Therapy Wand

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It is widely used by prestigious spas and professional salons as an important component of many skincare treatment regimens, procedures, and programs. It comes with one high-frequency handle, Neon powered mushroom wand, Neon powered bent wand, quick-start treatment instruction.

How to Use It?

Thoroughly wash and dry your face, and apply your serum.
Cut a small piece of gauze, and place it on the electrode.
Insert the electrode into the wand, place it over the gauze, and turn it on.
Turn the dial-up on the wand until you feel a slight tingling sensation.
Move the wand over the acne lesion in circular motions, working on each area for no more than three to five minutes.
Once you’ve hit all the spots, your high-frequency facial is officially over and you can finish by applying your moisturizer.

Benefits of High-Frequency Machine

In your practice, you’ll want to share with your clients the many benefits of a high-frequency facial, and there are many.

Improves and clears up acne
Softens lines and wrinkles and improves sagging skin
Reduces pores and blackheads
Reduces eye puffiness and dark circles around the eyes
Improves cellulite appearance
Promotes healthier hair growth
The benefits of a high-frequency facial are phenomenal. It offers a safe and gentle alternative to botox injections, chemical laser peels, and other skin recovery procedures that may be more invasive.
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