Facial Care - High Frequency Facial Machine (7 Heads)

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Significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles
Improve and enhance flabby skin
Help smooth texture
Reduce pore and improve eye edema
Energizes hair follicles

How to Use the Skin Care Machine?
1. Insert the chosen glass electrode into the high-frequency machine; gently push in the electrode and it should just snap in to place.
2. Turn the high-frequency machine down to a zero level and turn it on. Rotating the button to adjust the intensity; turning up the intensity by clockwise rotation, decreasing the intensity by counterclockwise.
3. Hold the handle of the high-frequency electrode in the hand and make contact with the electrode and your finger before placing it on to your skin.
4. Increase the intensity to a comfortable setting and move the electrode in small circles around the skin.

1. For sensitive skin, please use a thin gauze to cover the skin surface before taking care to avoid excessive irritation to the skin.
2. Do not leave the glass tube in the same position for more than 10 seconds.
3. Before starting the instrument must first install the glass electrode tube on the handle, use the instrument to turn off the power.
4.15mins-20mins for one time, 2-3 times for a week could achieve the best treatment result.

Material: ABS, Glass
Voltage: 110-240V, US Plug
Frequency: 50-60HZ
Power: 10W
Dimension: 14 5/8(L) x 8 1/2(W) x 2 3/8(H) inch
Net Weight: 2.1 lbs

Package included:
1x High-Frequency Handle
1x Argon powered Tongue Wand
1x Argon powered Bend Wand
1x Argon powered Rod Wand with Tungsten
1x Argon powered Roller Wand with Tungsten
1x Neon powered Mushroom Wand
1x Neon powered Y-shape Wand
1x Neon powered Comb Wand with Tungsten
1x English Manual
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