Galvanic Facial Microcurrent Skin Firming Whiting Machine

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Ion Galvanic Micro-current Skin Firming Tightening Iontophoresis Roller Machine

Galvanic current, which is a kind of microcurrent below 1000um, imitates bioelectricity inside the human body and provides energy for man’s activities. Under the effects of the anion of direct current(DC), this device has special effects in promoting skin absorption ability, clean dirty things clogged inside facial pores and help users care skin in an all-round way. By using this device, it helps users lead skincare production nutrition into skin-deep layers effectively, to care skin from inside. According to the device’s design purpose, the device has notable effects in cleaning and removing skin pigment and long-accumulated dirty things. The main functions of the device including strengthen skin absorption ability, remove dead skin on the face, improve the condition of an oily face.

1. Pigment decomposition:
The import and export instrument is Jia Fani static flow meter apply to the parts of the pigmentation to pigment decomposition, in the circulation process, so that the decomposition of melanin through the blood vessels or lymphatic vessels into the kidneys, excreted as urine, which is the decompose pigment and fade dark spots
principles of the polymer whitening apparatus.

2. Nutrition Import:
When import Export instrument acts on facial skin, Jia Fani static flow and far-red light function have an effect at the same time, not only to strengthen the resonance of skin cell molecules, promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also ionization the product, enhance the interface activity and product penetration, , thus the skin cells to skincare products ingredients absorption rate over 85%, the effect is 5-6 times of the effect of daily care products.

3. Export Impurity:
Import alkaline solution to soften the skin surface of aging skin, decomposition the skin surface fat, balance the skin secretion, export acrobatics, and skin-deep dirt, increase skin permeability.

Package Includes:
1 x Main Machine
2 x Roller Head
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual
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