Bent High Frequency Electrodes - Neon Gas

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1. Indirect Method - fit for dry nature skin and aged skin
-Please screw in the glass tube in the handpiece.

-Please hold the glass tube after touch some talcum powder. Turn on the machine and the electricity will get through.

-Do the massage on the face from neck to chin and from visor to forehead.

2. Direct Method - fit for greasy nature skin
-Please grease essence and cream on the face first and then hold the metal bar to put the glass tube on the face. Turn on the machine.

-Massage with the glass tube like"Z" or helix on face, do the treatment as follows, forehead--nose--right side of the face--chin--left side of the face--nose--forehead.

3. Sparkle Method - fit for wounds, sore and inflammation
-Cover the eyes with a piece of the wet cloth patch and touch the face with the glass tube on the part of inflammation. For one time, the treatment should be less than 10 sec.

-It's normal if there are sparkles coming out while the glass tube touches the face.

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