Blackhead Remover Vacuum, 2019 Upgraded USB Rechargeable Skin Facial Pore Cleaner, Pore Sucker Acne Extractor Tool with 5 Adjustable Suction Power and 4 Replacement Probes

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▶The 4 suction probe is replaceable to solve problem effectively.
▶Unique design is compact and portable.
▶The 5 suction strength is adjustable to solve different degree skin problem.
▶The vacuum extractor head is easy to wash.
▶The electric blackhead remover with a LCD display, you can see the suction strength level and electricity condition clearly.

1. Clean your face, use the blackhead educe liquid or facial steamer to open the pore.
2. Insert the isolation pads into the slot at the top of the cleaner, select the proper probe and install on the nozzle.
3. Short press the control button to open. The default is the Soft level.
4. Short press the control button in turns to choose the level. Test the suction with your forearm before use.
5. Hold the probe close to your face to remove blackheads, slowly move. Do not stay in one place for too long to avoid injury, and do not press it hardly or pull vertically.
6. After clean, short press to shut down the system.
7. Remove the probe, wipe the dirt off with cotton swab, and wash it clean, then dry with a towel or naturally. Please avoid to wash or immerse the body in water.
8. Then use skin care products like facial mask, cream, etc.

1)Please don’t use grinding cream/other exfoliating products before and after use.
2)Don't use it on the skin where has a scar or is flimsy, such as jaw and corner of mouth.
3)With microcrystalline head exfoliating function, dry skin use once a week, oily mixed skin 2 times a week, each time can use no mere than 5mins, depending on the state of the skin.

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