3-level Suction Pore Facial Blemish Acne Cleaner

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While normal face washes and scrubs do not work effectively on the blackheads as they are embedded deep into the pores and traditional blackhead removal method damage your skin.

Blackhead Vacuum Remover can offer you a great solution, return you the blackhead-free face and light up your beauty,our blackhead vacuum pore cleaner uses vacuum suction to quickly remove grease,dirt and makeup residues on the outer epidermis and hidden in pores ,and moderately remove dead skin and cutins.
It’s a facial pore device of a combination of pores cleaner,removal of blackhead,grease and microdermabrasion function.

Blackhead Pore Vacuum Machine is suitable for all types of skin and improves the texture with regular use.

If you have severe blackheads, it is recommended to use this device 2 times in a week for cleaning the face effectively.

Kit Includes:
Blackhead Vacuum Remover Device x 1
Suction Probe x 5(1 microdermabrasion probe included)
USB Cable x 1

This Blackhead remover vacuum is not waterproof,be careful when using it.
If your face has suffered serious skin damage or ulceration, it is not recommended to use this product.
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