Blue Light Therapy Plasma Pen Laser Scar Acne Machine

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What is Plasma?

Plasma is a highly dissociated gas by using a new energy source - plasma, The plasma energy can instantly increase the temperature of the skin tissue to 1000 degrees Celsius. The unique heat effect stimulates the epidermis and dermis tissue, stimulates the cells to be born, repairs broken fibers, removes pigmentation, tightens anti-wrinkle, eliminates smallpox in India, acne pits and pock. Plasma is a new non-ablation, non-invasive skin regeneration technology with high safety and short recovery period

What is Plasma Advantage?

1. The TDDS plasma transfer technology quickly opens the adhesion molecules (CAM) that connect the cells, producing amazing absorption, which is instantly absorbed by the skin in just 30 seconds.

2. Plasma energy has a strong disinfection ability, which can effectively eliminate bacteria by destroying the molecular structure of bacteria and avoid causing various skin problems.

3. The Plasma energy makes aging cells atrophy and recombines by sputtering, while inhibiting the precipitation of melanin, making skin bright.

4. Plasma energy exerts high-energy heat and pressure during transport, forms hydrogen on the surface of the skin, and rapidly produces F-DBD fine plasma groups between skin cells, reproduces the cell membrane voltage, balances all ions in the skin structure, and It auto-regenerates collagen, which makes the unhealthy structure that has been damaged and affected by pigments produce high-efficiency self-healing effect, while stimulates the production of collagen fibroblasts and prevents skin aging.

Treatment result

The plasma releases plasma energy on the skin surface and transmitted to the tissues through the water in the skin, transforms into heat energy, produces a uniform thermal effect within the skin tissue, stimulates cell viability, smoothes wrinkles, tightens skin, removes pigments Calm, repair broken fiber, skin regeneration function.
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