Blackhead Microdermabrasion and Suction Tool - Patented Technology to Protect the Skin - Blackhead Suction and Microdermabrasion Kit - Pore Cleaner Vacuum - Recommended by Dermatologists

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Are you looking for the ideal blackhead microdermabrasion and pore vacuum? What most people don't know is that microdermabrasion can create micro scars and damage the skin over the long term. This is why our engineers have developed the patented NANODIAMOND technology to protect the skin from damage. The technology uses smaller nanocrystals to maintain effectiveness while protecting the skin.

This face vacuum pore cleanser contains 4 different heads for various uses. You get (1) a microdermabrasion diamond head, (2) a blackhead vacuum head, (3) a multipurpose suction head and (4) an elliptical poor cleanser vacuum head. Dermatologists nationwide recommend this pore vacuum blackhead remover because it is clinically-tested and effective.

If you experience problems with your blackhead cleaning tool vacuum, you can contact us directly to get a free replacement. You will find the contact information on the warranty certificate inside the box.

Package contains microdermabrasion and suction device, 4 interchangeable heads, USB charging cable, instructions manual and warranty card.


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