Gel for Use with RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine

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Whitening, firming and lifting skins
Restore skin vitality and repair aging and dryness cell fiber tissue.
Help the synthesis of collagen, and make skin elastic and smooth.
Enhance the effect of RF & Ultrasonic & No needle mesotherapy treatment
Effectively resist skin aging caused by ultraviolet radiation and hormone deficiency
Use the Gel with any RF device, it allows your device to easily glide across the skin to achieve optimum results.
Cools the skin of the patient to keep them comfortable and makes it easier for them to not move during the treatment procedure.

Type: Ultrasonic Gel
Color: Golden, Transparent
Size: approx.19.8x7.5cm/7.8x2.96”
Net Weight: 300g

Gel suitable for cosmetic equipment:
OPT freezing point depilation instrument, Ultrasonic device, RF radio frequency skin, Thermal Maggie, Thermoplastic and other beauty devices

Package Included:
2x 300g Ultrasonic Injection Gel
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