Double Cup Electric Breast Enlarger Machine

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Color: White
Voltage: 110-220V (Worldwide)
Weight: 0.75kg
Treatment Area: Breast
Suction: 55kpa
Size: 26 * 17 * 7 (cm)

1. Main Unit X 1
2. Breast Vacuum Cup X 2
3. 110v-220v Adaptor X 1
4. Full detailed English manual/instructions X 1



  • Made of non-toxic abs plastic and silicone material, physical breast augmentation, more confident to use,The principle of vacuum adsorption helps the breast to focus movement, increasing the content of the breast, to delightfully improve the position and improvement of the female breast.
  • Far infrared heating promotes activation of the vitality of milk cells,strong focusing of fat, detoxification of toxins in addition to promoting metabolism, improving microcirculation, preventing breast hyperplasia, pain.
  • Thanks to the regular use of the machine to stimulate and enhance the blood circulation of the chest, as a result, while maintaining the elasticity and rebellion of the chest,As an accessory, the round mesh type lid can directly contact the chest to effectively activate the acupuncture points of the chest, increase the rate of free fat blocking accumulation.
  • Rechargeable design, don't worry about low battery,Suitable for all skin types, ideal for those with breast dysplasia, flat breasts, sagging breasts caused by breastfeeding, deformed breasts.
  • With the touch of a button, a powerful motor creates a soft suction effect, making your breasts flutter quickly in size, as your nipples are happy to stretch.

How does it work?
This device is based on a medical principle known as tension-induced growth: The vacuum stretches the breast tissue gently over a sustained period of time. When cells are stretched, they respond both by swelling temporarily and by replicating until, eventually, the cells divide to accommodate stretch force. The new tissue is identical to the woman's original breast tissue, and feels the same both to her and from the "outside."

Q.Is it Safe? 
A. There have been a number of studies and tests, and no damage or risks have been found.Tension-induced growth has been used for over 30 years in other areas of the body, so the science on this is very solid. There are no side effects or health risks.
Q. Is it painful when using the Breast Enlargement Pump?
A. No, If you follow the complete directions, there is no pain or discomfort when using the Breast Pump. Q. Are there any side effects?
A. There are no known side effects, besides breast growth.
Q. How often do I use the Breast Enlargement Pump, and for how long at a time?
A. Using it longer and more often- does produce faster results. Pump to a comfortable pressure and hold that for 10 to 15 minutes on each breast twice a day. Do not over pump, if there is pain or discomfort then release the pressure.
Q. Does your Breast Pump work on males and females?
A. Yes, it works on any breasts, the pump stretches the breast tissue over and over again. It is called soft tissue expansion. It is a lot like working out your muscles repeatedly

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