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Product Features:

1. Four-in-one multi-functional facial care device: It can promote skin to improve skin, remove waste circulation, stimulate the skin, promote absorption, help skincare products absorb nutrients effectively, have acne management effect and clean effect, rejuvenate whitening and hydrating, long-term use Can improve the firmness.

2. Spray particle essence function: The button mode automatic spray turns the nutrient liquid into nano-sized particles and evenly sprays on the skin. The finer the nutrient solution is, the better the skin is created.

3.Moderate and low-frequency function: Enhance the skin and enhance the firmness through low and medium AC. The medium-low frequency is the induction of the polarity and size of the positive (+) and negative (-) positive forces. The current is differentiated according to the number of cycles, which can protect the elasticity and shape management of the face.

4. Iontophoresis function: Monotherapy penetrates the inside of the skin. Ion electrotherapy is a method of infiltrating the water-soluble substance that is difficult to penetrate into the skin and can manage sputum, spots, etc...

5. Color light phototherapy function: It has a good effect on skin keratin management. Red light: It can penetrate the skin 2-3MM dermis, which helps the skin elasticity and texture management. Greenlight: restores skin's good color, whitening and rejuvenating skin, white and lustrous. Blu-ray: It can penetrate into the skin around 1MM skin and has a good effect on skin calming and skin keratin management.

Product Functions:
1.Stimulate the growth of skin collagen
2.Improving skin blood circulation and promote metabolism
3.Eliminating scars, remove wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles
4.Lifting and tightening face skin, cleaning and refine pores
5.Nano-atomization: Moisturizing facial skin
6.Led phototherapy function: Blue light has a bactericidal and calming effect, and red light can make the heart function active.

Product Name: 5D beauty equipment
Product weight: 245G
Power consumption: DC 5V 1A
color: White
Charging method: USB
Product size: 65 * 120 * 210mm
Role: deep cleansing, nutrient introduction, lightening wrinkles, lifting firmness, deep penetration, spray moisturizing

Package Included:
1 *Host
2 * small empty bottle
1 * USB charging cable
1 *Product Manual
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