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electric blackhead remover vacuum
Why this packet is for you?
The advanced and improved Blackhead Remover Vacuum & Galvanic Facial Machine by Americ Empire. With 10-Functions & 10-Suction Levels we fulfill all the needs to change your life forever! We went beyond just blackheads and whiteheads, we went to the root of the problem, from kill acne bacteria to prevent congestion to collagen production and microvibration massage.

With this packet you essentially have 10 main tools in one packet to take it on the go to any place. Most people complain about another tools because the suction it is too low and some case too strong. This suction tool have 10 suction levels to fulfill all your needs. A engineer team from U.S.A. designed this tools for year taking this technology to the next level. The nozzles are made with premium PVC formula to NO scratch or bruised your skin, this together with our professional training will ensure the best results.

face vacuum pore cleanser
For this Skin Types
Sensitive Skin
Oily Skin
Normal Skin
Combination Skin
Dry Skin
Mature Skin
5-Speed Level & 5-Nozzles
The combination of two nozzles and the 5-speeds of this vacuum give you a wide range of suction levels, from 1-10.

Chose the suction level and nozzle according your skin type and area. Whatever skin problem you have, this is for you!

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This Pack is NOT Just About Blackheads. We Went Beyond That!!!
black head cleaning tool vacuum

pore vacuum blackhead remover

pore extractor

Blue LED:
The big hitter for acne. The Blue LED light produces singlet oxygen in PP-9 or Prophryn, a compound generated by the P. Acne. This form of oxygen is very toxic to the bacteria that grows on the skin that results in acne breakouts. So it decreases acne with absolutely no downtime. And since the use of LED Light therapy in the treatment room is the only product or service that has absolutely NO contraindications, even clients who take prescription acne medications can use it!

Green LED:
Green light is used to even out skintone, hyperpigmentation and sun spots. This particular wavelength targets melanocytes, slowing down the production of melanin so that not as much pigmentation reaches the top layers of our skin, especially good for dark marks after acne. Green light also help product absorption.

Red LED:
Red light is renowned for speeding up collagen synthesis and enhancing cell repair and was the original therapy utilized by NASA in medical care. Red light energy stimulates the mitochondria (the power generators) in cells so that they function optimally, boosting the production of collagen and elasticizing and in turn slowing the signs of premature ageing and environmental damage. Red light is also considered anti-inflammatory.

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blackhead remover pore vacuum

pore cleanser vacuum

microdermabrasion and suction tool

Negative Galvanic (Galvanic Desincrustation)
Negative Galvanic + Heating is used for Deeply Cleansing, because it opens the pores of your skin, making your skin very soft and act like a magnet that attracts all impurities out, that allow the Comedone Vacuum to easily extract. Also the Negative Galvanic dissolves sebum and ingrained dirt. Even if you use cleansing there is always remaining impurity left. So Negative Galvanic is the only way that impurity, debris and whatever you have stuck in the skin will easily come out and be detox out. It is great for skin that is clogged, or have blackheads and congestion that needs that detox and cleanse.

Positive Galvanic (Galvanic Iontophoresis)
After cleanse your skin, the Positive Galvanic will help to absorb the product into the skin. It actually decreases the blood flow, so it calms down the skin. It closes the pores and make hardens the skin, also it soothe nerve ending. It is great for product absorption and toning of the skin. It closes and tightens pores, reduces wrinkles and reduces appearances of dark circles. Suggested to use the Positive Galvanic at the end to build acid mantle to restore the skin. For better result use the Positive galvanic after you apply the final lotion on your skin.

Microvibration Massage
The Microvibration Massage is included in the Positive & Negative function. It help to shake up those skin cells and allow the skin to absorb the product better in addiction to it toning the skin. It definitely makes your skin suppler after the treatment. It also increase skin elasticity.

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