Facial Ice Roller Firming Skin Relieving Fatigue Massager

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Facial Massager Beauty Instrument Stainless Steel Ice Roller Firming Skin Relieving Fatigue Skin Care Face Ice Roller Massager
Bullet Points:

1、SOOTH THE SKIN: The massager can smooth the skin and reduce sunburn, relieving redness and fever in the neck and face of menopausal women. Massage during the mask to shrink pores and calm the skin.
2、PREVENT WRINKLES: The massager can prevent wrinkles, improving dry skin and relieving eye fatigue. Massage eye sockets and temples to relieve fatigue.
3、RELIEVE PAIN: Use the ice shaft massager (with ice beads) to massage the face, neck, and body. When you feel tired, you can rejuvenate and use it in any part of the body to relieve pain.
4、EASY TO USE: Clean the roller head and put it into the freezer bag or zipper bag (excluding the bag). Put the ice roller in the freezer at any time or freeze it for 1-15 minutes, then take the roller head out of the freezer and enjoy the face. And the body's cooling, calming massage effect.
5、CONVENIENT: suitable for carrying out or traveling.

Icy Roller is a convenient and practical hand-held cooling and calming tool. It can be refrigerated in the refrigerator by ice roller filled with selected ice beads. It can be used at any time for one minute every day to create a firm and flawless beauty muscle. Firming the skin and diminishing fine lines. It leaves skin young and clear.
A selection of 5 ice-filled ice-skeleton rollers for a sustainable ice age of about 5 minutes.
The metal roller is made of 34 stainless steel with ABS plastic handle.

Name: Ice Roller
Material: Ice muscle roller is a convenient and practical hand-held cooling and calming tool.
Product size: about 16.3*6.4*3.2cm/6.42*2.52*1.26in
Carton size: about 17*7*3cm/6.69*2.76*1.18in
Product net weight: about 1G

1. Place the ice roller in the refrigerator freezer 3 minutes in advance.
2. Wash your face and finish the basic water lotion after skin care.
3. Roll the ice roller along the contour of the face for 1~2 minutes.
4. Wash and dry the massager after use, or put it in the refrigerator freezer.


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