Water Oxygen Jet therapy Peeling Facial Moisturizing Spray

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Home Used Water Oxygen Jet therapy Peeling Facial Moisturizing Spray Water Injection SPA Beauty Machine Vacuum Blackhead

Name: Household small bubble beauty instrument / Oxygen injection
Voltage: 110V-240V
Plug: EU Plug, US Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug
Working Principle:Vacuum suction
Treatment Timeï¼?5-20 mins

1.Pore cleaning
3.Improve skin vein
4.Remover blackhead
5.Improve oil secretion
6.Nutrition supply

How to use it?
1. Connect the machine to the connector.
2. Rotating the solution tank, pour the Toning lotion into the solution tank. Pay attention to the position of the scale, and then reset the solution tank. It is best to disassemble the bucket and assemble it at 45 degrees.
3. Remove the handle from the machine and open the lid.
4. Turn on to start up.
5. Put the head of the handle on the palm, and massage the face immediately after the toning water overflows after about 15 seconds. From the inside to outside, from the bottom to top. The stress degree can be adjusted.
6. If the solution tank is empty, turn off the machine.
7. Rotating the sewage tank and discard the sewage.
8. When massaging the nose part, please change the small massage head. 9. You can adjust the light and choose the color of the light.

Package includes:
1 * Machine
1 * power plug
1 * Instruction

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