Fat Freezing Slimming Machine

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Effective Results
More Tissue Treated. More Fat Reduction
Up 47 % fat reduced in a single session for one area
Clinically proven to reduce fat cells permanently
An innovative concept of cryo-electrophoration ensures firming effects.

Optimal Experience
Improved comfort
Hands-free treatment
High patient satisfaction
Fast 35-minute treatment protocols
Medically proven / Precise cooling control (0.1 °C deviation ) for maximum safety Comprehensive Handpiece offer high patient & treatment versatility.

High profitability
Fast Return on Investment ROI
Multiple body areas treated simultaneously
Full body contouring with several cross-selling opportunities
Almost half Shorter duration than other cryo devices

After 360 procedure, some fat cells are immediately disabled and will be eliminated within a few days. Other fat cells enter in severe apoptosis phase and will be progressively reduced within 2 or 3 weeks.
1 -3 sessions will be necessary with a four-week interval between. Due to the 360 surrounding cooling applicator with the full cooling coverage and superior thermal shock therapy system, Zsculpt treatment results in an 18.1% more effective than an ordinary seen fat freezing machine in the market.

1, Noticeable results are seen from the very first session and every single session Approx. 33% results improvement compared with standard procedure
2, Depending on the initial adipose tissue thickness, the average loss will be between 5 and 32 mm
3. In terms of loss percentage of fatty tissue, an average of 33% to 47% of the treated fat tissue will be eliminated and gradually broken down through the metabolic system.

Rapid results: Approx. 40% of the final result will be visible at 15 days, and 80% of the final result will be visible within 20 days.


Minimum temperature
Maximum temperature
Four body handpieces, one Chin handpiece
 Cooling system
4 independent cooling system
Vacuum pressure
User Interface
8-inch color display touch screen



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