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Black Orchid Large Hair Diffuser For Curly Hair and Natural Hair
The Difference in a Diffuser

Struggling to define your locks? Our Black Orchid Curly Hair Diffuser is here to solve every curly girl’s struggle by creating sleek definition and resilient coiled shape. Our hair diffuser for curly hair reduces frizz, boosts volume, defines curls, and enhances shine. A concentrator nozzle gives intense, direct airflow causing strands to flatten—our hair diffuser effortlessly boosts natural texture by evenly distributing airflow and strengthening the retention of each individual curl. With our hair diffuser, you’ll have bouncy, bold, and beautiful curls in no time.

Our Black Orchid Curly Hair Diffuser is the secret weapon for amplifying curls and waves. Its large design is ideal for thick, long, or curly hair. Our hair diffuser dries hair faster, not only because of its substantial shape but also, its abundant drying vents that give simultaneous airflow from root to tip.

Secure Silicone Grips

Never again will your nozzle fall off mid-dry, thanks to our diffuser’s secure silicone grips. The diffuser’s unique mixture of plastic and fiberglass gives it the power to withstand temperatures up to 485°F. The 360° airflow means your curls are evenly diffused and volume is maximized. In order to maintain healthy hair, keep your heat and wind levels low and slow.

Ready to see your curls in their highest definition? Apply our Curl Definer to damp hair and gently scrunch. Coconut oil conditions, while keratin strengthens shafts to improve elasticity for maximum bounce. Not to mention, Brazilian pequi oil nourishes hair, reduces frizz, and improves curl retention up to 31%. The combination of our Curl Definer and our Black Orchid Hair Diffuser will give you your best and most voluminous curls yet.

Broad airflow for a rough dry.
Concentrator Nozzle
Concentrated airflow to smooth and straighten.
Black Orchid Hair Diffuser for Curly Hair
360-degree airflow to diffuse air, increase volume, and enhance curl.

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