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  • How often do I use this?

    You can use it every day but you don’t have to. We highly recommend using it when you feel a zit coming, or you have one you want to go away quickly. If you want to use it for anti-aging then you need to use it daily. You can use it morning or night or both. You may experience dryness if you use it regularly so be sure to use moisturizing products after.

    Also, we recommend using your high-frequency device for 15 seconds per area or 5 minutes max per face per session should be plenty. It really doesn’t take that long- I can treat my whole face in about 2 minutes.

    High frequency feels like a little electric shock- if you’ve ever licked a battery it’s similar to that but zappier. Use whatever level feels comfortable. Turning it up on full blast isn’t necessary- you want to feel the electricity but it doesn’t need to hurt to work. The small tip that is used to treat specific acne spots is usually the zappiest so I keep it on a pretty low setting. 

    For an at-home treatment, remember always cleanse your skin before the facial treatment, and add some skincare serum on the layer of the skin to penetrate deeper into the skin to speed up acne healing. You'll also need to stop using any retinoids for five to seven days before the treatment and avoid harsh exfoliants for a week prior.