Handhold LED Light Therapy LED Skin Rejuvenation Device

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Red Light
650nm Red Light-- One of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation, stimulate skin cells to generate collagen. It can improve facial lines and smooth skin texture.

Blue light
470nm blue light--with a strong bactericidal function, can kill propionibacterium acnes. It has a good effect on cure acne, treat sensitive skin.

Yellow Light
590nm yellow light-- High purity yellow light, can safely and effectively improve microcirculation and regulate cell activity, decompose the pigment, fade freckles.

Purple light
400nm purple light- Relaxing, improve lymph metabolism. Working together with vibration function can be used for breast enhancement.

Vibration function
15000 times per minute massage, promote the micro-circulation, helps the LED light therapy penetrate better into the skin.

Built-in timmer: Microcontroller program designed, the LED photon automatic shut down after 15 minutes' working.
Built-in 850mAh big capacity rechargeable battery.
5V micro USB portable design, it can be charged through any device with a USB interface, such as a computer, mobile power.

input voltage 100-240v, 50/60Hz
output voltage DC5V, 1A, built-in Li-ion battery
Power 5W
Built-in timer 15 minutes auto shut off
LED Panel 40 pcs of LED lamp, 5mm Diameter
Wavelength Red:650NM; Blue:470NM; Yellow:590NM Purple:400NM (optional)
Vibration 15000 times per min
Dimension 60x65mm
item weight 98g

How to use it?
1. After cleaning the skin, take out the needed LED head, press the snap button, and assemble the LED head with the main unit.
2. Press the power switch to use
3. The vibration function is optional. Press 1 time to start vibration, press 2 times to enter the high-grade vibration, and press 3 times to turn off the vibration.
4. LED and vibration functions can be used at the same time.
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