Heated and Vibration Massage Knee Brace Wrap

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knee massager
As the age grows, we need more exercise like basketball, running... so we can keep staying in shape, then the knees are constantly being pounded on from running, jumping, stop and cutting so with that being said...over time they become sore and weak. VALLEYWIND Heating&Vibrating Knee Brace Wrap saves you a ton of money from buying pain meds and seeing doctors because it helps relieve knee pain and relax muscles.

knee heating pad
How To Use - Long press the button 3 seconds to start

3 MASSAGING Mode As Below:

Red - Continuous Vibration

Blue - High-Frequency Vibration

Green - Low-Frequency Vibration

3 HEATING Mode As Below:

Red - highest temp (50â„?122â„?to 60â„?140â„?

Blue - medium temp (45â„?113â„?to 55â„?131â„?

Green - lowest temp (40â„?104â„?to 50â„?122â„?

knee brace
VALLEYWIND Knee Massager Pain Relief For:

With a sense of pain during walking on stairs or moving the joint;

Extreme pain at the joint during climate change or cloudy weather;

Frequent sense of discomfort at the joint or lack of flexibility;

Joint swelling or rigidity in the afternoon or night after body movement;

Keep knee warm in cold weather.

knee heating brace
Great Knee Massager:
Acupuncture therapy High-frequency vibration Magnet therapy Infrared hot compress

an electric heated knee brace
Red - Continuous Vibration - highest temp (50â„?122â„?to 60â„?140â„?

Blue - High-Frequency Vibration - medium temp (45â„?113â„?to 55â„?131â„?

Green - Low-Frequency Vibration - lowest temp (40â„?104â„?to 50â„?122â„?

Note: Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to start working, short press the switching mode

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The Great Ideal for Christmas Presents:
The present for your elders
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Caring for your knees and caring for your family's health

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