Cold and Hot Beauty Hammer Double Heads

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Cold and hot beauty hammer is a professional facial skincare machine, provides two modes to meet different needs, working time and temperature can be displayed separately on the screen, suitable for home use.

Double heads tighten instrument has 5 efficacy: tightening the facial skin and increasing elasticity; Smooth the texture, remove wrinkle; Whiten Rejuvenation and whitening; Accelerate absorption, double nutrition; soothes massage, remove eye bags.

Cold ice mode: 5 -25 degrees, soothes the skin, especially suitable for acne, allergic skin, Firming the skin, leaving the skin full of elasticity, and eliminating wrinkles, Press the COLD SET to adjust the temperature then press the START/STOP button to start.

Hot fire mode: 30-55 degrees, Warm care, comfortable temperature experience, can introduce nutrients into the skin and make skin energetic, Press the WARM SET to adjust the temperature then press STRAT/STOP button to start.

We provide a user manual to guide better use, before using the machine please plugin, any questions welcome to contacting us.

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