Photon Red Blue Light Facial Face Body Light Therapy

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Whitening, repair acne and body parts acne, spots, wrinkles, pregnant lines, sterilization, desensitization, improve oily skin, at the same time can promote protein and collagen synthesis, make the skin firmer.
3 different modes, red light, blue light and red and blue light in any proportion, even better for your skin.
Strong energy and penetrating ability, and you can also adjust the intensity to meet your own skincare needs.
Lightweight and compact, use the controller to use, easy to carry, suitable for family, business trip and travel.
Timing function, it can be timed for 15/30/45 minutes to set the exact time of physical therapy.
With a 1/4 screw joint, it can be equipped with a professional standard triangular bracket.
The large light-emitting region, the whole relevant area can be received, convenient and practical.
Remote control design, even if wearing an eye mask, can freely and accurately adjust the function needed by yourself.
5V power supply, you can use the charger, mobile phone plug, no longer subject to the use of voltage.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Beauty Lamp
Material: ABS
Remote Controller Battery: 2 x AAA Battery (Not Included)
Interface Type: DC-USB, 5V
Effective Range: 13x9cm/5.1x3.5in

Blue light:
1. Improve oily skin, control oil secretion, act on sebaceous glands
2. Quickly relieve the acne, and improve the thick pores
3. Quickly remove acne marks, acne, kill propionate bacteria in acne, anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory
4. Improve reddish tone
5. Reduces high biliary red blood hormone (Single continuous use time is not less than 1 hour, not more than two times a day, not continuous use, interval time is more than 4 hours, continuous use time is not more than seven days)
6. Remove freckles, sunburn spots, senile spots, liver spots, dermal spots, birthmarks, and partial pigmentation.
7. Remove all types of pimples
8. Calming, soothing and help to sleep
9. Shrink pores, remove blackheads and wrinkles, whitening

Red Light:
1. Remove wrinkles, improve and lighten wrinkles on the face and the whole body, crow's feet, forehead, and pregnant lines, and other wrinkles, etc.
2. Make skin more tender, firmer and elastic, solve the problem of dull skin, make skin bright, accelerate the activity of skin cells.
3. Solve skin flabby problem, shrink pore, can make skin firmer
4. Anti-inflammatory, subsidence of a swelling, analgesic, stop exudation on the wound surface, promote granulation tissue growth and accelerate healing
5. Enhance the anti-aging, anti-oxidation, self-repair effect, promote the metabolism of cells, make the skin secrete a large amount of collagen and fiber tissue to fill itself, accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, and improve the condition of yellow and dark dumb skin.

Red and Blue Light:
(There is no pathological conflict between the two rays, and it is highly recommended to use a mixed mode of skin management therapy)
1. This product is not limited to the face but works the same way throughout the body.
2. Mixed-mode skin management therapy is highly recommended.
3. This product can mix red and blue light at any ratio. Users can adjust the ratio according to their actual situation.
4. Improve sunshine dermatitis, the degree of excessive sunlight, solar injury and photoaging caused by facial defects.
5. Improve congenital red blood filament, red blood filament after skin removal, red face, skin allergy, and sensitivity.
6. Improve red spot and angiotelectasis.
7. Pigmentation after inflammation: 70-80% improvement, Chloasma: 70-80% improvement.
8. Remove dark circles.

1. Pregnant women are forbidden to use it. Not to be used in women.
2. Do not use, if you have heart disease, tuberculosis, local tumor, cardiac insufficiency, hemorrhagic disease, cardiac pacemaker carrier, porphyria, pregnant lower abdomen, allergic to red light. Do not irradiate the gonads.
3. Attention should be paid to prevent infection when used by more than one person.
4. Wear an eye mask when using. Do not look straight at the light.

1 x Host
1 x Support
1 x Eye Pad
1 x Remote Controller
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual
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