Varicose Veins Pen Scar Blemishes Swelling Acne Removal Machine

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Main Functions:

415nm blue LED light for acne removal
Loose skin tightening, pores shrinking, eliminate acne bacteria, it has a great effect on oily
skin, severe allergic skin, and red spots.
42°warm treatment for lymph detoxification
BIO current diminishes inflammation and reduces pain.

Blue light wavelength 470nm Promote combination of protein and bone collagen, activate the skin, tighten the loosened skin. It can effectively inhibit acne bacillus and improve red spot, oily skin, and heavy sensitive skin, shirk pore, remove acne, acne spot, etc. It is appropriate for sensitive and acne skin.


Input voltage:1.5V
Output voltage: 5V
Battery:1 AA Battery(not include)
Product size:134 × 19 × 19mm
Product weight: 24.8g

Package Include:
1 x Main Device (Not including the battery)
1 x User Manual
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