Micro Current Facial Massager Ems RF Electroporation Led Photon Machine

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Product Feature

1.EMS Technology which stimulates the surface of the muscles to resist skin Aging problems and reshape the contour.

2.Collagen Protein Polymerization Technology to tighten the collagen which will be lost from the dermis.

3. Bio-sense Light Energy is easy to absorb by the skin and resonated when it's in contact with the skin to activate cells and improve their ability to regenerate, bid farewell to the problem skin.


1)Warm compress(40°C to 42°C):
uses gentle vibration and warm heat to open the skin pores and refresh skin, relieve dark circles, eliminate eye edema

2) Perfect high-frequency sonic vibration:
Improve the blood circulation, relax and soothe the eyes, relieve eye fatigue.
Eye care products such as eye care essence/oil/serum should be applied with the device.
Massage the area for 10minutes per time and twice daily, make your eyes look refreshed and brighten.

Product parameters:

Input: DC 5V
Lithium battery 750mAh
3 working level settings
With RED phototherapy, EMS and RF
Product size: 14.5x4.8x3.6cm
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