Loofah Sponge Pads 100% Natural

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Color: as picture
Quantity: 2 pieces
Size: 10X14.5 CM
Material: natural loofah, terry fabric

How to Use
First, wet the loofah pad with warm water until the loofah pad is soft.
Next, add some soap/shower gel/body wash to the loofah.
Finally, gently but firmly rub the loofah in circular motions against your skin.

1. Rinse your body with cool water to get refreshed.
2. Rinse your body with warm water to get a soothing and relaxing effect.

1. After cleaning, please let the loofah pads air dry.
2. Natural loofahs should be replaced every month.
3. Clean the loofah pads with hot water to make sure all the soap is gone.

Package Includes
2 x Loofah Sponges
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