Facial Care - High Frequency Facial Machine (4 Heads)

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100% Natural High-Frequency Machine is a portable professional beauty instrument.

Operation Procedures:
High-frequency treatments may involve placing the electrode directly on the skin (direct high frequency) or leaving a gap between the electrode and skin (indirect high frequency).
*Direct high frequency: help you to treat greasy nature skin. Direct Method fits for greasy nature skin.
*Indirect high frequency: help you to treat dry nature skin and aged skin. Fit for dry nature skin and aged skin.
*Sparkle Method: fit for wounds, sore and inflammation. It is a normal phenomenon if there are sparkles coming out when the tubes touch the skin.
*Hair Care Method: fit for stimulating the skin surface reducing folliculitis and improving the healthy growth of the hair.

*For sensitive skin, please use a thin gauze to cover the skin surface before taking care to avoid excessive irritation to the skin.
*Do not leave the glass tube in the same position for more than 10 seconds.
*People who are Pregnant, Heart disease or hypertension can not use this machine.
*Before starting the instrument must first install the glass electrode tube on the handle, use the instrument to turn off the power.
*15mins-20mins for one time, 2-3 times for a week could achieve the best treatment result.

Material: ABS, Glass
Voltage: 100-240V, 10W, US Plug
Frequency: 50-60HZ

Package included:
1x Beauty Machine
1x Mushroom tube
1x Tongue tube
1x Bend tube
1x Comb tube
1x English Manual
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