Oxygen Water Jet Skin Care Injection Spray Gun

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Nozzle Diameter: 0.3/0.5mm
Fluid Cup Capacity: 7cc-12cc
Input: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Output: DC12V 5A
Package Weight: 3070-3075g
Moisturizing: Moisturize moisture for corneum cells need directly to improve the microcirculation of skin cells and make the skin becomes moist.
Smoothing Fine Wrinkles: Aging of elastic fibers reduces the moisture and subcutaneous fat of skin to lose its original elasticity, but this machine can improve that situation.
Clearing Pores: Soften semi-solidified sebum of pores to clear the metabolite and keep the pores clean.
Anti-Aging: Loss of collagen makes the skin become loose, but this machine can improve that situation.
How To Spray:
Fill fluid in the cup after thinning appropriately.
Hold the airbrush lightly in your hand.
By pressing the main lever, a stream of air emerges. Then draw it backward gradually for color atomization.
The spray pattern is in accordance with the distance between a work surface and an airbrush.
For fine line spray, remove the needle over the cover and hold the airbrush near a work surface.

Package Includes:
1 x Host
1 x Airbrush
2 x Capacity Cups
1 x Adapter
1 x Air Hose
1 x Accessory
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