Hydro Dermabrasion Facial SPA Machine

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Vacuum negative pressure hydrotherapy cleaning technology

1.Deep Cleaning and Skin Care
The vacuum circuit is formed by vacuum negative pressure, which combines the super-micro bubbles and nutrient solution. The special designed small spiral suction head directly acts on the deep cleansing of the skin, while providing lasting nutrition for the skin, so as to make the skin moist, delicate and lustrous.

2.INJECTION spray injection technology
High-Pressure Oxygen Injection, Water Supplement, and Skin Activation
Painless and scratch-free, only 21% of the air in the air is filtered into active factors and filtered into the cells, providing oxygen for the skin. Nano level spray particles are super permeable, and water droplets are atomized into the bottom of the skin so that the skin can absorb quickly and deeply.

3.Nano spray water to relieve muscle thirst quickly
High-frequency vibration magnetizes water into nano tiny spray, rapidly permeating and moistening the skin.

Product function
1.Deep cleaning of the pore, removing aging cutin and grease
2.Supplement skin nutrients and moisture, calm and soothing
3.Super penetration, nourishing skin
4. Lock nutrition, retain nutrients and water

Product parameters
Product Name: Small Bubble Oxygen Injector
Rated voltage: DC12V 4A 50HZ/60H
Rated power:40W
Product size:29.5*27.3CM

Host *1
Suction pen *1
Wastewater cup *1
Power cord *1
Connecting pipe *1
Oxygen lance *1
Crystal head *5

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