Pressure Pulse & Heating Leg Massager

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User Tips:

1. The heating unit is only under the sole, and it will get warmer gradually rather than in a sudden.

2. Two connectors must be plugged into the adapter at the same time, otherwise, the massager will fail to work well.

3. Please don't wrap too tight when you use it for the first time. Leave at least 4 fingers' space and start with weak intensity in order to help you accommodate to the massage mode.

4. The massager uses the air compression method. The airbags in each wrap will squeeze in a certain order regarding the selected mode.

5. If you are suffering health problems such as skin infections, fragile skeleton, heart disease, etc., please kindly consult your doctor before use.

Product Features
Soothing heat function
3 intensities
6 Modes
10 Minutes Auto Shut off
Soothing Heat Function
In order to promote circulation and offer more professional massage experience, the massager provides an optional heating function under soles. The high-quality heating cotton can keep your feet warm, promote blood circulation and relieve muscle weariness & pain.

3 Intensities
There are 3 intensities for leg massager: weak, middle and strong. If you use it for the first time, you can start off on the weak setting and build from there. Then adjust the intensity according to your feeling. You will enjoy a more comfortable massage experience by following this instruction.

6 Modes to Relieve Your Muscle
Tespo leg and foot massager can wrap your entire calves and feet for most people. 2*3 airbags and 6 massage modes allow you to squeeze most parts of feet and calves, which helps you relax the muscle, promote blood circulation and relieve RLS/swelling/lymphedema.

10 Minutes Auto Shut-off
Leg massager will be shut off automatically when using it for 10 minutes, which is proper for a massage session. This function is especially helpful to avoid overuse when people fall asleep or forget to turn it off during enjoying the massage.

Who Need This?
1. Middle-aged and elderly people
2. People who stand or sit for long periods of time
3. Women who often wear high heels
4. Active people in need of exercise recovery
5. People who suffer from RLS/swelling/lymphedema.

Portable Design
You can take it easily via the storage bag or put it into your suitcase, you and your family can freely use it at home, in the office or on a trip.

A Good Gift
This leg and foot massager can be used at home or in the office for daily relaxation, relieve pain and improve the health of the body. It would be a great gift to any of your loved ones!

Using guide
1. Put your legs into the correct wrap: right leg into �R � left leg into �L �
2. Get on the velcro. Don’t wrap too tight, it is recommended to leave a gap that you can put 4 fingers in it.
3. Plugin the connector into the corresponding hole of the handheld controller. The connector must be plugged in completely.
4. Connect the controller to the power socket via the ac adapter.
5. Press the power button for 3 seconds, the leg massager will start to work.
6. Press the power/program/heat button to switch intensity/mode/heat temperature when massaging. Finally, enjoy a wonderful massage.
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