Infrared Heat Treatment Lymphatic Drainage Detoxing Therapy Machine

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RF Magnetic Infrared Heat Treatment Lymphatic Drainage Detoxing Therapy Machine Body Face Tighten Lifting Massager Acupuncture

Principle introduction

1. Promote metabolism,Draining toxins: The human body is constantly carrying out metabolic activities every day, Wastes from metabolic processes must be excreted in time. Scraping can timely scrape the body's metabolic waste to the body surface, deposition to subcutaneous, make blood flow in the body, restore natural metabolic activity.

2. Dredge Reinforcements: More and more people are troubled by cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, pain on waist or back. This is because when the human body"soft tissue"(joint capsule, ligament, Fascia) is damaged, Muscles are in tension, contract or even paralyzed, thus appear Pain Symptoms, if not treated in time, it will form different degrees of adhesion, Fibrosis or Scarring, and aggravating the condition. Scraping can dredge reinforcements, release pain. Relieve muscle tension. It can reduce pain symptoms, also help the recovery of lesions.

4. Body micro-circulation: improve immunity, improve the phagocytic function of body blood phagocytic cells, thus improve body immunity and disease resistance ability, also has the function of anti-inflammatory and swelling; for improving blood circulation and analgesic; Activation of biological macromolecules, activate tissue cells.

Technical Parameters

Product name: Multifunction magnetic massager
Charging Voltage: DC 5V 1A
Charging time: 3-5 hours
Use Power: 6.5W
Battery volume: 1600mAh
Working time: 60-90 mins
Product Weight: 380g


Face lifting and shaping
1.Sculpture jaw curve
2.improve the law stripe
3.elevate the apple muscle
4.Desalinate eye lines pouch
5.Improve the headlines

Neck lymphatic drainage

1.Cheer up
2.Cervical lymphatic drainage
3.mandibular lymphatic drainage

Full body massage and shaping

1.hips massage and shaping
2.belly massage and shaping
3.cervical vertebra and shoulder massage shaping
4.waist massage shaping
5.thigh massage shaping
6.lower leg/sole massage shaping

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