Electric Portable Facial Skin Detector Moisture Tester Hair Analyser Machine

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Professional Electric Portable Facial Skin Detector Moisture Tester Hair Analyser Machine Digital Dermoscopy Skin Care Tool

Item specifics:

Screen Size: 7 inches
Screen resolution: 1024*600
Voltage: 100-240V
Lens: 50 times/200 times
Weight: 800g

Item Features:

1. 50X lens:

The nature of the skin test and daily show symptoms.

a. General skin: leather trench thickness varies irregularly shaped
b. Dry skin: leather trench fine texture than the clutter
c. Oily skin: fine pores; the oily texture is not obvious
d. Aging skin: texture disappeared mostly in one direction
e. Acne-type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores
f. Sensitive skin: The skin is thin, prone to stimulate microvascular expansion
g. Face gown type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores, inflamed by a bacterial infection, causing purulent
h. Pigmented skin: hyperpigmentation, gathered into a patchy

2. 200X lens:

Detection of the nature of hair and daily show symptoms, such as hair follicles clogging/ excessive oil secretion / bacterial infection

a. The health characteristics of hair: black, soft, smooth and shiny
b. Damage to healthy hair factors: excessive use of stereotypes liquid, the use of hair dye or perm chemicals, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and severely punished malnutrition.
c. Parameters- Top quality best price beauty device face skin analyzer

3. LCD screen to show the skin and hair images:

With a screen resolution of 1024*600 LCD screen, those can not be seen in normal situations can be magnified through the instrument, forming some vivid images.

4. Remote controller for easy operation:

Easy to operate the machine without any complex steps

5. Easy to carry:

23*16cm Screen size, portable design and very convenient to use.

Package includes:
1x LCD Screen
2x High definition lenses
1x Remote Controller
1x Plug Wire
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