Skin Tightening Machine 5 in 1 Beauty Device EMS

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Facial Lifting Machine can help to soften wrinkle lines and improve skin quality, tightened up face and chin line. Create new collagen to make muscles stronger, more energetic and more elastic, restore the skin's youthful smoothness and softness. After 4-6 months of usage, you will feel the skin improvement and anti-aging effect.

How To Use:
Charging the facial lifting machine for 3 hours before the first use.

Step 1. Cleaning your skin, apply some preferred serum or cream or lotion to your skin;
Step 2. Press the Power button to turn on the device (start with level 1), then slowly adjust to an acceptable level according to your feeling;
Step 3. Move the device slowly from bottom to top of the face and from inside to outside. The skin will feel a slight tingling during using and this is normal. Note the device will shut off automatically after 10 minutes of use, just restart it for continuous use.

Package Include:
1 * Facial Lifting Machine
1 * Charging Base
1 * USB Charging Line
1 * User Manual
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