Ultrasonic Scrubber Deep Face Cleaning Skin Scrubber Blackhead Remover

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Function 1: Ultrasonic peeling
Operating principle: Water is mist-like by sonic vibration, and fine mist particles enter pores to remove dirt,
It is a beauty method that blows off and removes excess keratin.
Use effect: Removes keratin and keratin plugs, reduces shine
Frequency of use: Once a week for dry skin, use twice a week for oily skin.

Function 2: Deriving ions
Operating principle: Positive ion force, minus particles clogged pores such as fine foundation particles
Adsorbs darkening and dirt of the nature of the skin and smooth skin
Usage effect: Removes darkening and dirt.
Frequency of use: Use 1-2 times a week.

Function 3: iontophoresis
The principle of operation: Ionize the beauty ingredients, penetrate and diffuse faster into the skin, and introduce them more effectively.
Use effect: Moisturizing, moisturizing, whitening, nutritional introduction, tightening
Frequency of use: Use according to your needs.

Function 4: Putting (EMS micro-current)
The principle of operation: By stimulating the weak current of the microcurrent, the fiber cells in the dermis of the skin are activated,
Collagen can increase. It leads to shiny and firm skin.
Use effect: Transparent egg skin
Frequency of use: Use according to your needs. (Since there is a slight pain, please refrain from using it if you are worried)

Function 5: Massage roller
The principle of operation: It promotes blood circulation of the entire face with the power of physical massage and microcurrent, and effectively drains waste products.
Expected effects: Small face, wrinkle improvement, swelling & sagging measures
Frequency of use: It can be used every day.

Product specification:
Size: 108 * 42 * 27mm
Weight: 86g
Color: White
Material: Resin + Aluminum alloy

â™?Ultrasonic / Cleansing: Ultrasonic vibrations convert water into steam while washing off old dead skin and pores while reducing the burden on the skin by using ultrasonic waves. It leads to a textured and transparent skin. Pore ​​dirt, acne improvement, keratin plug keratin removal, strawberry nose, darkening, skin tightening, wrinkle prevention!

â™?Ion introduction: Beauty ingredients penetrate by ion introduction! Ion introduction is a beauty method that ionizes the beauty ingredients to make it easy to reach the skin before introducing it to the stratum corneum. Because it penetrates parts that cannot be reached by hand putting, the usual beauty effect is improved.

â™?Ion derivation: Function to firmly absorb and remove dirt and darkening of pores. It is more effective if ion introduction is performed after deriving ions, as it will make the skin easier for the beauty ingredients to penetrate.

â™?PAD putting: In the PAD putting mode, the skin is tightened by the action of the ultrasonic wave and the microcurrent, and a clear face can be aimed at! Gives microcurrent and weak current to the skin, and leads to the skin full of luster and firmness. Nice lift-up effect!

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