Deep Cleansing Facial Moisturiz Beauty Device

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Deep Cleaning
Deep nourishment
High-frequency vibration
Positive ions
Negative ion
Infrared skin rejuvenation
Blu-ray acne.
Blu-ray smoothes acne and tightens pores

Blue Photon:
wavelength 465+-3nm, preventing acne breakout by killing bacteria and anti-inflammation. It is extremely suitable for sensitive and/or acne-prone skin. By cleansing and balancing the sebum system, it helps to lift and tighten skin as well as clear up acne and blemishes.

Red Photon:
wavelength 625+-3nm, stimulating the generation of collagen and cell activity. It is effective for all skin types and conditions and can reduce wrinkles, lines, regain skin vitality, and radiant skin tone. Its healing effects on cells can speed up blood circulation and cell movements and thus helps in getting rid of unwanted fat. Its mild wavelength can also be applied to sensitive areas such as around the eyes and forehead.

Gentle massage head, deep cleansing, removes dirt from the bottom layer of the skin, thus thoroughly cleansing the skin.
Microwave vibration to improve microcirculation


1. Deep cleansing skin
3.Skin tightening
4.Anti-wrinkles, smooth fine lines and improve skin tone
5. Acne and spot removal
6. Minimized pores by strengthening the skin texture
7.Stimulate the blood circulation and soften skin texture
8. Enhance skin vitality and elasticity
instant penetration direct access to the muscle base

Product information

*Charging voltage: 5V - 1A
*Power: 2.5W
*Battery parameters: 3.7v/500mah
*Charging time: 3h
*Product size: 45*55*151mm
*Product net weight: 108G
*Gear position: strong and weak
*Working time: in standby mode after 4 minutes, 1 minute without operation, automatic shutdown

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