Mini HIFU Effects Facial Skin Care Face Lift RF LED Skin Re juvenation Machine

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wrinkle remove machine use radio frequency to improves the smoothness and texture of the skin's surface. and rejuvenate your complexion to produce a stimulating restorative effect to tighten your skin. to remove wrinkles and fine lines on your face or eyes.

RF procedures can effectively and safely reduce fine lines and wrinkles on most body parts.
including the face, neck, eyes, tummy, arms, hands, thighs and buttocks.
It can also smooth uneven, dimpled skin on the body.

Wrinkle Remove Function
Mainly used for overall skin sagging, wrinkles too much skin aging, rough, reshape the face curve, effectively improve the eye region and neck tissue relaxation, ptosis.
Skin rejuvenation:forehead lines, nasolabial lift, lip wrinkles, forehead wrinkles,
skinfirming , face lifting & tightenning, to eliminate double chin, narrow face;
Eye wrinkles: the eye lines, eye wrinkles, bags under the eyes, eye week skin tightening;

How to use Step 1, Apply the skincare gel on the function area.
Step 2, Long press the on/off switch, then the light turn on.
Step 3, Touch your skin and short press the on/off switch.
1x Wrinkle Remove Machine
1x Adapter
1x User Manual

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