USB Digital Microscope Skin Hair Analyzer Follicle Scalp Detector

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This paragraph does not need to replace the lens can be adjusted between 50 times and 500 times, (suitable for cosmetics company distribution, cosmetic shops, beauty salons, etc.)
High definition skin tester, beautiful appearance, easy to carry, ultra-thin design, more sophisticated. Test skin moisture, elasticity, oily, black, freckles, other skin problems and hair health problems.

1 Analysis of the skin (oily, dry, neutral), analysis of hair damage and nutritional status
2 easy to operate, through the coaxial cold light source around the lens light guide, automatic supply of the best lighting, so that the skin detection more professional, more clear effect. Easy to carry out demonstration beautician good helper.
Skin test specification:
1 Properties of the skin test and daily symptoms.
2 general skin: skin ditch thickness is different, irregular shape
3 dry skin: skin fine, the texture is messier
4 oily skin: fine pores, the oily texture is not obvious
5 aging skin: the texture gradually disappear in a single direction
6 acne type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores, large pores
7 sensitive skin: the skin is thin, the micro blood vessel expansion is easy to be stimulated
8 face gown type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores, inflammation of the infection by bacteria,
9 pigmented spot skin: melanin deposition, poly integrated plaque
The nature of the 10 detections of hair and daily appearance symptoms, such as hair follicle blockage / excessive secretion of oil / bacterial infection.

Reminder: this instrument is mainly connected to the use of computers or a notebook, XP system computer. For the WinXP system. Click My computer, find a Video instrument, Click on it to use it. Windouws7 above system needs to install the driver to use, the instrument is equipped with a driver disc, which is accompanied by a user manual and measurement software. (support for Chinese and English

Package Included
1x USB Microscope
1x Stent
1x Ruler
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