Female Vaginal Probe Immune Enhancer Vaginal Massager Device

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Women Private Part Care Female Vaginal Probe Immune Enhancer Vaginal Loosing Soft Laser Therapy Massager Device

�Sterilize vaginal bacteria (Colitis) such as Coccus, Bacillus or Albicans saccharomyces, also repair the vaginal mucosa
�Vaginal Tightening ( Birth Canal rehabilitation)
�Immune Enhancer vagina
�Postpone menopause
�Eliminate Odors and pruritus
�Sex Massage Toy, Increase vaginal sensitivity to improve sex life quality.
�Treat Stress Incontinence

650nm laser function:

650nm laser irradiation can penetrate elastic fiber of vaginal wall, improve vagina blood flow, Supply oxygen and nutrient to vaginal, repair damaged elastic fiber tissue, Stimulate the dry and relaxation vaginally, Strengthen the stretching force of the muscle around the vagina to achieve a tightening effect.

Vibration function:
Enhanced vaginal sensitivity and friction to improve sex life.

What's the laser therapy woman gynecology light therapy device Principle?

1. The female reproductive system folds numerous, complex structure, and is located deep inside, import-style treatment of the slightest mistake, likely to cause serious consequences.

2. We have several decades of clinical applications about 650nm low-level laser working for the gynecology field. When the laser working, it could repair the damaged tissue and cells, activating the enzyme. And the red cells could also absorb the laser energy, thus the oxygen-carrying capacity is increased, and accelerated the blood circulation and metabolism, thus treatment the columnar ectopy and mild non-specific vaginitis.

3. Red laser light also stimulates the production of collagen, increases the collagen the regeneration, thus has a good effect on the vaginal tightening.

4. Through years of scientific experiments and clinical experience, it is proved that the red laser light has the functions, such as biological photochemical effect and light biostimulation effect.


1. 17 laser beams in one device, even one laser beam at end of the probe, thus keep good treatment effect on the columnar ectopy and vaginitis
2. 1800m Ah lithium battery, female can use it anywhere and any time.
3. Pure green physiotherapy, no side-effect, no pain.
4. Laser light can penetrate deep on the body (up to 50mm) for better treatment for the vaginitis and columnar ectopy treatment.
5. The massager function can improve sex life quality, can also be a sex toy. If use it with laser therapy, it could also increase treatment efficiency.
6. It combines laser therapy and massage into one instrument, and each function can be selected.
7. It's small in size, easy to operate, the patient can treat themselves at home more easily.

How to use:
Keep clean for the treatment head. Using alcohol cotton ball to clean it if dirty;
Step1: Use the 650nm laser light repair vaginal mucosa, light therapy for 10 minutes.
Step2: Massage & Vibration therapy for 10 minutes, massage time is 10 minutes, it can work with light therapy at the same time, the curative effect is better.
Treatment Frequency: 2~3 times per week, severe situation double times.

Technical parameter:
Cold lasers are sometimes called Low-Level Lasers (LLL) or soft lasers.
Laser type: Medical laser 650nm wavelength, total output 85mW, Low-level Safe Laser Type B, no side effect.
Power Source: 1800mah built-in battery
Laser Number: 17pcs
Timer:10 minutes Auto Shut down.

Dimensions: Length*Diameter: 19.8*3.5cm (7.72*1.36inch)
Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the symptom be improved? Effectiveness may vary between individuals, depending on variables such as age, severity at the start of use, etc. Estimated time for visible improvement off appearance is 3-6 months
2. Can the laser burn me?

No. it is a 650 nm laser wavelength device, Safety Class Type B, no pain, no side-effect, no trauma.

Cold laser therapy is a relatively new technology compared to many alternative therapies like acupuncture (which has been used since 8000-3500 B.C.), chiropractic (since 1895) and physical therapy.

Just like the abacus evolved into the computer, many alternative medicine practices are evolving to include laser therapy.

Packaging and product details
1*Therapy Wand Device,1 Charger,1*USB cable
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