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    Pink 3 Size Yoni Eggs Kit

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    Great choice for PC muscles control
    Good tooling for kegel exercise
    Suitable for all period
    Portable accessories
    Safe material

    Natural Handmade Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs, Polished

    Three sizes per set, L:45*30mm, M:40*25mm, S 35*20mm, suitable for different periods of yoni practice.

    Standard using rules: L size is for women who had delivered children after a while or women who are over 50 years old, otherwise, using M size.

    Small size is for the women who had practice for a period and had mastered control of their PC muscles, wish to advance their practice.

    How should I clean my yoni egg?

    Before using your yoni egg for the first time, please inspect it and make sure the gem won't damage during shipping. The inner cracks are normal for rose quartz. However, if you find any outer cracks (the ones you can feel with your finger), it means the egg won't be damaged during shipping

    Please do not use it and immediately contact us for replacement. After you inspected the egg, wash it twice in warm water with soap and air-dry. It is better to use natural organic non-scented body soap for sensitive skin. You can wipe your egg with cotton gauze doused in vodka or other hard alcohol you have at hand (do not use rubbing alcohol). Wash it thoroughly under running water after you do this.

    Packing List
    3X yoni eggs with strings
    1X storage pouch in cotton
    1X user manual
    1X packing box

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