Desktop Physio Magneto Machine PEMF Device for Home Use

Compared to other physio magneto machines, the standout feature of this product is its advanced heat dissipation system. It utilizes a distinctive water-cooling heat dissipation structure. This water-cooling system excels at transferring heat from the heat source to the radiator more efficiently. This is due to water's higher specific heat capacity, allowing it to absorb...
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The physio magneto machine is a therapeutic device based on the principle of Faraday's electromagnetic induction. Here’s a detailed overview of how it works and its applications:

Working Principle

The device discharges a large amount of energy quickly from capacitors into a coil, which generates a pulsed magnetic field. This magnetic field penetrates clothing, bones, and other tissues, creating inductive electric fields in the targeted areas. This stimulation affects nerve cells, resulting in various physiological and biochemical reactions that contribute to healing.

Types of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

1. STMS (Single-Time Magnetic Stimulation):
   - Uses a single magnetic field pulse with a non-fixed frequency.
   - Observes instantaneous effects.
   - Used for conventional electrophysiological examinations.

2. PTMS (Paired Pulse Magnetic Stimulation):
   - Delivers two stimuli to one or different areas with specific intervals and intensity.
   - Studies facilitation and inhibitory effects on nerves.

3. RTMS (Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation):
   - Applies changing magnetic fields at a fixed frequency to a specific area.
   - Has lasting biological effects post-stimulation.
   - Useful for brain function research and clinical treatments.

Treatment Method

PMST NEO therapy involves positioning a therapy loop over the painful area while the patient remains clothed. High-energy magnetic pulses are then transmitted to the body. A typical session lasts 5-20 minutes, with a complete treatment course requiring 6-8 sessions. 

Benefits and Advantages

1. High Strength:
   - Stimulus strength up to 6T.
   - Adjustable frequency (0-100Hz).
   - Stimulates deep tissues up to 8cm under the skin.

2. Focus:
   - U-shaped coil focuses the magnetic field for deep stimulation.

3. Safety:
   - Air cooling system for safe heat dissipation.
   - Avoids liquid cooling risks and maintenance costs.

4. Comfort:
   - Progressive pulse changes for painless and comfortable treatment.

5. Ease of Use:
   - 360° telescopic bracket for flexible positioning.
   - Simple operating system with just three steps to start treatment.

Physiological and Therapeutic Effects

- Pain Relief: Reduces pain and inflammation, improves the range of motion.
- Healing Process: Enhances osteogenesis and tissue recovery.
- Biological Functions: Improves overall cellular functions and metabolic processes.
- Inflammation Reduction: Alleviates swelling and promotes wound healing.


PMST NEO is suitable for various conditions including:
- Sports injuries
- Tendon and joint inflammations
- Bone conditions such as osteitis pubis and bone edema
- Diabetic foot conditions
- Myofascial pain
- Rotator cuff tendonitis
- Lumbar muscle strain
- Frozen shoulder
- Cervical pain
- Lumbar disc herniation
- Tenosynovitis
- Arthritis
- Post-traumatic muscle and tendon injuries
- Periostitis and fractures

Advantages Over Other Treatments

- Non-invasive and does not require undressing.
- Minimal side effects compared to medications.
- Does not lead to addiction.
- Comfortable and straightforward procedure.

Physio magneto machine utilizes advanced electromagnetic technology to provide effective, non-invasive treatment for various musculoskeletal and neural conditions. Its safety, comfort, and ease of use make it a promising option in physical therapy and pain management.

Specification Details
Input Voltage 110/220V; 50/60Hz
Cooling Way Water cooling
Output Intensity 0-5 Tesla
Shape of Stimulation Pulse High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy
Output Power 1000W
Pulse Frequency Range 0-50Hz
Pulse 200+50 microseconds
Size 39.5*39.5*38.5cm
Weight 25KG
Screen Size 10.4 inch
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Safety Statement

At Lazzybeauty, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction above all else. As suppliers of beauty machines and professional aesthetic equipment, we want to ensure you're aware of important health precautions.

Some individuals may have underlying health conditions that could be affected by certain cosmetic treatments, potentially leading to health issues.

While our equipment is equipped with safety features, we strongly recommend that customers with pre-existing health conditions consult a healthcare professional before using our services.

Your health matters to us. We advise those with existing health concerns to seek medical advice before undergoing our treatments. Our team is here to assist you and address any questions you may have.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We aim to not only offer beauty solutions but also peace of mind through these precautions.

If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us. Your safety is our priority. 

Custom & Wholesale

We warmly welcome logo customization. By integrating your unique logo onto the machine casing and/or boot screen, we enhance your brand influence. Minimum order quantities may apply.

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Customer Reviews
Desktop Physio Magneto Machine PEMF Device for Home Use

Desktop Physio Magneto Machine PEMF Device for Home Use


Desktop Physio Magneto Machine PEMF Device for Home Use


Handle Advantage

Circular Focused Energy: This feature provides a larger treatment area, ensuring comprehensive and effective treatment for all body parts.

Strong Energy and Good Results: The low-frequency combination continuously vibrates tissues, accelerating cell regeneration and boosting the immune system's vitality.

Magnetic Pulse Stimulation: This acts on the skin to stimulate muscle tissue and nerves without any loss of intensity.

Fast and Painless: In the 0-50 Hz superconducting mode, this technology delivers non-invasive, painless stimulation to tissues and peripheral nerves, enhancing metabolism and blood circulation.

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