Pneumatic Shock Wave Machine for Pain Relif & ED Treatment

It is the perfect combination of classic theory and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and modern science technology. The research is based on traditional Chinese medicine therapy. It is a revolution for middle intensity ultrasound therapy equipment, which merges ultrasound, heat, and acupuncture point treatment, etc., in this equipment. Through physical and chemical effects, it...
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It is the perfect combination of classic theory and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and modern science technology. The research is based on traditional Chinese medicine therapy. It is a revolution for middle intensity ultrasound therapy equipment, which merges ultrasound, heat, and acupuncture point treatment, etc., in this equipment. Through physical and chemical effects, it improves partial blood circulation of body lesion tissue, enhances metabolism, softens tissue, strengthens drug permeability, impacts the content of biologically active substances, reduces sensory nerve excitability to achieve pain relief, and also follows the meridians, balances Qi and blood, and adjusts the yin and yang.

Working Principle:

Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction have vascular problems affecting the vessels that supply blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis, resulting in a decreased ability to develop and maintain an erection. Shockwave therapy for ED of this type can be a highly effective treatment. The shockwaves are focused onto the area to be treated, creating new blood vessels in penile tissue, enabling patients to achieve and maintain firm, spontaneous erections.

Body Slimming Shockwave Machine Focused Shockwave Therapy for ED Erectile Dysfunction Physiotherapy Pneumatic Shock Wave and Electromagnetic Shock Wave Device

Shockwave therapy is a multidisciplinary device used in orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology, and veterinary medicine. Its main assets are fast pain relief and mobility restoration. Being a non-surgical therapy with no need for painkillers makes it an ideal therapy to speed up recovery and cure various conditions causing acute or chronic pain.


The upgraded handle and 12pcs tips
More impacting head choices
6-8-10-15-20-25mm diameter heads

1. Portable design
2. High effectiveness, fast pain relief
3. Noninvasive, no anesthetic, convenient and fast
4. Widely applied to different soft tissue treatments
5. Seven adjustable preset reference solutions
6. Each session only 20 minutes, 5-10 sessions per treatment course
7. 8-inch touch screen design with foot switch, intuitive and clear
8. Imported power source to ensure instant shock output effect
9. Ultra-silence air compressor with built-in accessories collection box
10. Ergonomic design for convenient setting and operation
11. Surge pressure and frequency selection conforming to treatment demand

1. Shoulder pain, calcific tendonitis
2. Radial or ulnar humeral epicondylitis
3. Trochanteric tendonitis
4. Waist or sternum pain
5. Patellar tendonitis
6. Tibial stress syndrome
7. Achillodynia
8. Plantar fasciitis
9. Broken fat, cellulite removal

Machine Features:
1. Multiple waveforms: flat form, focus form, radial form
2. Total 11pcs heads for powerful and deeper penetration, long lifetime
3. Easy to change bullet
4. Max 6 bar, max 21Hz
5. Upgraded software with ED therapy
6. Smarter programming: C and P mode, 6 different preloads
7. Easier maintenance

Benefits of ESWT:
Compared to traditional treatment methods like surgery:
- Non-surgical and drug-free
- Non-invasive
- No risk of infection
- Improved treatment outcomes
- Faster and easier healing
- Cost-effective
- Client records data saved

Pneumatic Ballistic Shockwave Therapy Machine for Erectile Dysfunction and Pain Relief

Pneumatic ballistic shock wave technology, often referred to as ballistic shock wave therapy (BSWT), is a medical treatment approach that uses shock waves generated by pneumatic devices to treat various musculoskeletal conditions, primarily those involving tendons, ligaments, and bones. This therapy is commonly used to address conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, calcific shoulder tendinopathy, and other similar conditions.

The principle behind pneumatic ballistic shock wave technology involves the following steps:

1. Shock Wave Generation: Pneumatic devices, also known as ballistic shock wave generators, create shock waves by rapidly releasing compressed air into a handpiece. This handpiece is placed on the patient's skin at the targeted treatment area.
2. Transmission of Shock Waves: The shock waves produced by the device travel through the handpiece and penetrate the skin, muscle, and other tissues to reach the target area. The energy from these shock waves can influence the cells and tissues in the treatment zone.
3. Stimulation and Healing: When the shock waves interact with the tissues, they create mechanical forces that stimulate cellular activity. This stimulation can lead to increased blood flow, neovascularization (formation of new blood vessels), and enhanced metabolism in the treated area. These effects are believed to promote the healing process by accelerating tissue regeneration and reducing inflammation.
4. Pain Reduction: Shock wave therapy can also have an analgesic effect, potentially reducing pain by interfering with pain signaling pathways and promoting the release of certain substances that dampen pain sensations.
5. Remodeling: Over time, the application of shock waves can trigger tissue remodeling, encouraging the regeneration of healthy tissue and the breakdown of calcifications or scar tissue.

1. Physical Therapy
2. Sports Injury Recovery
3. Rehabilitation Therapy
4. Cellulite Reduction
5. ED Treatment

Shock wave therapy involves the use of acoustic waves with high energy to treat various medical conditions. These waves can be generated using different techniques, including electromagnetic, electrohydraulic, and piezoelectric methods. The waves are then focused on the target area of the body where treatment is needed.

The therapy is thought to work through several mechanisms:

1. Stimulation of Healing: Shock waves can stimulate blood circulation and promote the release of growth factors, which are substances that aid in tissue repair and regeneration. This can be helpful in conditions where healing is impaired, such as certain types of chronic tendon or bone injuries.
2. Pain Reduction: Shock wave therapy may help reduce pain by disrupting pain receptors and nerve pathways, thereby reducing the transmission of pain signals. It can be considered a form of pain management for conditions like plantar fasciitis and certain types of chronic musculoskeletal pain.
3. Breaking Up Calcifications: In some cases, shock wave therapy can break down calcifications or small calcified deposits that can occur in tendons or other soft tissues. This can help improve joint function and reduce pain.
4. Stimulating Collagen Production: Collagen is a crucial protein for maintaining the structure and integrity of connective tissues. Shock wave therapy may stimulate the production of collagen, aiding in tissue repair and strengthening.

Operating mode Continuous/4/8/16 pulses
Frequency 1 - 21Hz
Power 300W
Energy 0.5 - 6Bar
Screen 8-inch touch screen
Shot Times 2 Million Shots
Power Supply AC110V or 220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Treated Heads 11pcs including radial form, focus form and flat form
Color White
Transport Package Aluminum Case
Gross weight 29KG
Packing size 59*46*42CM
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Pneumatic Shock Wave Machine for Pain Relif & ED Treatment

Pneumatic Shock Wave Machine for Pain Relif & ED Treatment


Pneumatic Shock Wave Machine for Pain Relif & ED Treatment


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