EMSculpting Machine con RF - G37

Tratamiento seguro y cómodo de Ems Body Sculpt (HIPEM) Tecnología electromagnética pulsada de alta intensidad Es como...
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EMSculpting Machine con RF - G37

EMSculpting Machine con RF - G37

$2,499.99 $2,199.98

EMSculpting Machine con RF - G37

$2,499.99 $2,199.98
Tratamiento seguro y cómodo de Ems Body Sculpt
(HIPEM) Tecnología electromagnética pulsada de alta intensidad
Es como hacer 20,000 abdominales o sentadillas en solo 30 minutos sin el trabajo duro y el sudor.

Tratamientos de 30 minutos
Los tratamientos son rápidos y se pueden realizar durante la hora del almuerzo.

Clínicamente probado
Completamente probado en 7 estudios independientes para seguridad y eficacia.

Ventajas de la Clínica Ems Body Sculpt
* Ofrezca a sus clientes lo último en tecnología de tratamiento de contorno corporal de vanguardia
* Simplemente encienda y deje que el sistema haga el trabajo por usted
* Operación simple y fácil de usar
* Cero consumibles
* No invasivo, sin tiempo de inactividad, sin efectos secundarios y sin dolor
* El tratamiento recomendado cuesta $ 800 (visita única)
* Viene con 2 aplicadores, lo que permite tratamientos para el estómago, los glúteos, los brazos y los muslos


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  • How to avoid virus infection between treatments?

    For optimal treatment results, we highly recommend patients wear our specialized bodysuit throughout the treatment session. The bodysuit enhances the effectiveness of the procedure and ensures a comfortable experience for the patient.   To maintain a hygienic environment, it is crucial to sterilize the handpieces with 75% alcohol after each treatment. However, please take note of a vital precaution: carefully wipe off any excess alcohol that may have inadvertently come into contact with the handpiece. Alcohol can have a corrosive effect on the handpiece, so it's essential to handle this step with utmost care.   By adhering to these guidelines, we ensure both the patient's safety and the longevity of our cutting-edge equipment. Your commitment to following these procedures guarantees a successful and satisfactory treatment outcome.

  • How many hours does equipment last? Need down time between treatments for machine to cool?

    Our remarkable machine is engineered to deliver non-stop performance, running smoothly throughout an entire day of operation. However, as with any high-functioning device, the handpiece may experience a mild increase in temperature after approximately 6 hours of continuous use.   To ensure optimal outcomes and provide the best experience for both the operator and patients, we recommend a brief pause in operation once the 6-hour mark is reached. This allows the system and handpiece to naturally cool down, restoring them to their standard operating temperatures. Embracing this practice guarantees a seamless and comfortable treatment experience, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and your satisfaction.

  • What are the difference between \"Auto mode\" and \"Manual mode\"?

    Experience the convenience of our Auto mode, where starting a treatment is as simple as inputting the patient's basic information, including gender, age range, and treatment area. With these details in place, you can initiate the treatment instantly, benefiting from pre-programmed parameters that are expertly designed to ensure optimal results.   Prefer a more hands-on approach? Our Manual mode offers you the freedom to customize every aspect of the treatment according to your specific preferences. By manually setting up parameters such as intensity, frequency, and time, you gain precise control over the treatment process, tailoring it to meet your exact needs.   In summary, the Auto mode streamlines operation for effortless ease, while the Manual mode empowers you with the precision needed to achieve exceptional outcomes. Please choose the mode that aligns best with your preferences.

  • Can I do cavitation radiofrequency and hifem treatment at the same time?

    Absolutely! The beauty of HIFEM treatment lies in its versatility, allowing you to combine it with other treatments seamlessly. Whether you wish to enhance your body sculpting journey, boost your overall wellness, or complement your existing beauty regimen, HIFEM treatment can be easily integrated with a wide array of therapies.

  • How much shall I charge my patients per MMS session?

    Single Session of Muscle Massage Stimulation (MMS) - 30 minutes and targeting 1 area: Experience the rejuvenating power for just 200 USD per session.   Four-Session Package of Muscle Massage Stimulation (MMS) - 30 minutes each, focusing on 1 area: Embrace the ultimate muscle therapy at an incredible price of 600 USD for 4 sessions.   Eight-Session Package of Muscle Massage Stimulation (MMS) - 30 minutes per session, targeting 1 area: Optimize your muscle wellness journey with 8 invigorating sessions for a remarkable price of 1000 USD.

  • Can i come everyday for treatments of different areas?

    Absolutely! Our versatile treatments allow you to target different body parts each day, offering the flexibility to focus on specific areas. For instance, you can treat your legs on Monday, your stomach on Tuesday, and your butt on Wednesday. However, we do advise a maximum of three treatments on the same area within a week to ensure optimal results and allow your body ample time to respond to the treatment effectively. Strike the perfect balance between targeted sessions and ample recovery for the best outcome in your body sculpting journey.

  • How long must a woman wait after having a baby to have treatments? Can she have any of the treatments if she is breast feeding?

    For new mothers who are currently breastfeeding, HIFEM treatments are not recommended during this period.   For mothers who have recently given birth and are not breastfeeding, the waiting time before starting HIFEM treatments depends on the type of childbirth. If it was a natural childbirth, it is advised to wait for 1 week after delivery before beginning treatment. However, for those who underwent a Caesarean Section, treatments should only commence once the surgical wound has fully healed. Your safety and well-being are our top priorities, and we want to ensure the ideal timing for your HIFEM journey.